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Employee User Guide

               MY CALENDAR

               From the My Calendars widget, you can view your schedule by day, week, or month.  Request time off
               by submitting time-off requests, review time-off details, and Retract time-off requests.  The My
               Calendar widget may also be set as a primary or secondary widget or can be located in the Related Items

                   •  You can only perform tasks if the widget is in the primary position.
                   •  The widget is secondary position shows summarized details.


                   1.  Log in using your credentials

                   2.  If the My Calendar widget is not in your default workspace,
                       navigate to the Related Items pane.

                       NOTE: Depending on your navigator configuration the My
                       Calendar widget could appear as a primary or secondary widget in
                       your default home workspace, or be accessed by clicking a link
                       within the Related Items pane.

                   3.  If necessary, open the Related Items pane.

                   4.  Click My Calendar.

                   A.  Time-Period drop-down list: Select from a preconfigured menu to view a specific period.
                   B.  Select Dates:  Use if you want to select a specific date range outside of the preconfigured
                   C.  Views: Choose from the view options to view calendar information by day, week, or month.
                   D.  Date Label: Identifies the range of dates that you are viewing.  Click the arrows to toggle back
                       and forth between time periods.
                   E.  Request Time Off:  Click to fill out and submit a time-off request.
                   F.  Time Off Request:  Click to view time-off request details and to request status.  Click Retract to
                       retract the time-off request.  In the by day and by week views, requests for 24 hours or more

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