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Employee User Guide


               The Navigator is the user interface that allows the employee to access, view, and modify time and labor
               data through a web browser.   It is configured to reflect responsibilities and tasks for specific roles.
               GESMN determines the available workspaces, widgets, and alerts.

               Navigator Parts

                   A.  Active Bar – Displays active workspaces; click title to bring a workspace into focus.
                   B.  Name/Sign Out – Identifies user and a link to log out of navigator.
                   C.  Home Workspace – A work area made up of one or more views and Related Items pane.
                   D.  Maximize/Restore – Click to expand a widget in a primary view to its maximum size.
                   E.  Gear Icon – Click to view options for moving the widget.  It is unavailable when greyed out.
                   F.  Related Items Pane – Contains additional, less commonly used widgets.
                   G.  Secondary Views
                   H.  Primary View

                          A.     B       C.                                                   E.


                                              H.                                                                G.

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