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Employee User Guide

                   8.  Then click Submit.


               MY TIMECARD

               In the My Timecard widget, you can track your schedule and hours worked.

               The My Timecard widget is divided into two sections.

                   •  Top Section: contains essential time data.
                   •  Bottom Section: contains timecards totals for a selected day.

               The widget must be in a primary position to make edits.  Visual indicators in the timecard will alert you
               to any anomalies in your timecards.   Depending on your access, you may be able to approve, remove
               approval, and add additional rows to the timecard.

               ENTERING PUNCHES
               Employees should keep track of your worked hours by punching in and out according to their schedule.
               If punches do not align with their schedule, a visual indicator of the issue will appear within the cell
               which contains the issue.  When punching in and out, you can abbreviate times.  For example, 7:00pm =

               PUNCHING IN

                   1.  Login into Kronos Workforce Center using your credentials

                   2.  Access the My Timecard widget.

                   3.  Double click on an empty In a cell.

                   4.  Enter the time you began working, and then
                       press Enter.

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