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Employee User Guide

                   5.  Click Save.

               PUNCHING OUT

                   1.  Access the My Timecard widget.

                   2.  Double-click on an Out cell for a day that has
                       a populated the In cell.

                   3.  Enter the time you ended work, then press

                   4.  Click Save.

               Note:  If a scheduled shift requires you to work hours that cross the day divide, enter time in the In
               cell for the day your shift starts.  Enter the time that your shift ends in the corresponding Out cell.
               The application recognizes that these punches go together.


               For each day, there should be a pair of punches; and in punch and an out punch.  When one of these
               punches is missing within a timecard, the cell that is missing the punch is indicated by turning red.

                   1.  Access the My Timecard widget

                   2.  Locate the missed punch
                       within the timecard.

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