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Employee User Guide

                   4.  Select the relevant comment(s) from the drop-down menu.

                   5.  Click Add Another Note.

                   6.  In the Type of note (optional) field, add additional information.

                   7.  Click Update button.

                   8.  Repeat as needed for each additional

                   9.  Click OK

                   10. Click the Save button within the

                   11. To View, the comment(s) and notes, hover over the comment icon within a cell.

               TIMECARD APPROVAL
               GESMN had determined that you be required to approve your timecard every two weeks.  You can use
               the Time-Period drop-down list to navigate between periods.  Once you and your manager have
               approved your timecard, no additional edits will be allowed.  Depending on your access level you may
               have access to remove timecard approval.

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