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                                                                                               Our Final

                                                                              Authority Is The

                                                               Original Text—The KJV

            Teachers, whether lost or saved, who are           education was of any value they would trust God,
     allowing Satan to work through them teach that the  not attempt to correct God!
     word of God was given to holy men of God such as
     Moses, Paul, Peter, etc. and that only what those                Correcting God is not a sign of a good educa-
     men first wrote is without error and inspired. They       tion! Just because a man has earned his Associate,
     call this “the originals”. They say that the Bible only  Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate degree does not
     contains the words of God, but it has errors.             mean he knows more than God! If you were to ask
                                                               most of these kind of men to write or speak fluently
            I would agree with them on the NIV, RSV,           in Greek or Hebrew, they could not. They would be
     NKJV, and other modern versions – that they only          on a first grade level (if that). A lot of them can
     contain the word of God and have errors, but the      hardly speak, read, or write Greek or Hebrew at all
     Received Text (the one that the true churches al-         even though they took a lot of time in Bible college
     ways used: Authorized Version Text) does not just         or seminary taking Hebrew or Greek.
     contain the words of God, it is the word of God! It
     does not need be corrected by Greek and Hebrew                   Then they want to tell people that the Author-
     scholars, or any other. It is already correct.            ized (King James) version of the Bible has errors.
                                                               What ignorance! The very few who can read and
            The Greek and Hebrew scholars and all men          write proficiently in Greek and Hebrew are faced
     who correct the Authorized (King James) Version           with the same issue that every Christian is faced
     need to repent. Who are they to tell God he made a  with: Do you believe the Bible is without error the
     mistake and that “it should read this,” etc.? Who are  word of God? Is the original text in existence today?
     they to question that God is not powerful enough to  If you do believe the Bible is the word of God, where
     preserve his word? Who are they to question his           is it?
     authority? They think they are more powerful than
     God! They are not. Neither is their guide — Lucifer.
      Who are they to question God? You say may say,
     “But they are educated.” No where does God say
     that educated people can correct his word. If their                                           (continued on next page)

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