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                                                            You Do Not Need To Get Baptized In

                                                                   Water In Order To Be Saved

                                                                         Does John 3:5 teach water baptism
         Does Acts 2:38 teach you must be baptized in                               for salvation?
                       water to be saved?                         No,  the  water  mentioned  here  is  speaking  of  natural
       No, the word “for” in this verse means “because; on ac-  (flesh) birth. When a baby is being born the water breaks,
     count of”. This verse teaches repentance for salvation and   therefore the term “born of water.” John 3:6 verifies that
     that water baptism is an outward confession of that re-   “born of water” is a physical (flesh) birth by saying “that
     pentance  agreeing  with  all  other salvation  verses  in  the   which is born of the flesh is flesh.” John 3:1-7 is teaching
     Holy Bible.                                               that  everyone  who  is  “born  of  water”  (physical  birth),
                                                               must be “born again” (spiritual birth).

       Does Mark 16:16 teach you must be baptized in
                       water to be saved?                              Does Acts 22:16 teach water baptism
       No, this verse does not say “he that believeth not and is                    for salvation?
     not baptized shall be damned” but it says “he that believ-   No, this verse tells us to call on the name of the Lord in
     eth not shall be damned.” This verse is teaching that sal-  order for sins to be washed away. It is in perfect agree-
     vation is by believing and those who do not believe shall   ment with other scriptures such as Romans 10:13 which
     be damned. This teaching of Christ is also taught in Mat-  says, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord
     thew and Luke. Jesus was telling his disciples to give the   shall be saved.” The “and” in this verse is a conjunction
     gospel  to  the  lost  and  disciple  them.  When  he  finished   “and wash away thy sins, calling on the name of the Lord”
     telling  them  these  things,  he  ascended  up  to  heaven.   could stand alone as a separate sentence according to the
     Comparing Mark 16:16 with Matthew and Luke verify that    rules of grammar. Acts 22:16 is teaching that salvation is
     Jesus  is  not  teaching  water  baptism  for  salvation  (See   by Christ and if you receive him you should get baptized
     Matthew 28:19 & Luke 24:47)                               in water as an outward confession of your inward faith. If
                                                               you disagree, and think that this verse is teaching water

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