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     (continued from previous page)                               Why Learn Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic,
                                                                      And Other Ancient Languages?
     The issue remains the same even when you debate it
     in the Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, or other languages.
     This is not just an English issue.                        Not necessary, but can be helpful if you:

                                                               1.   Intend to translate the word of God because
            If a doctor, president, pastor, evangelist,        you can see how the Bible has been translated from
     favorite preacher, or even a person who speaks            language to language throughout time for about two
                                                               thousand years. However, if English is your native
     fifteen different languages tells you the AV Bible
     contains errors, they are telling you the same lie that   tongue, you should translate from the Authorized
     Satan started when he questioned God’s word in            (King James) Version. Most people who know differ-
     Genesis chapter three. That is exactly what they are      ent languages are usually more fluent in their native
     doing. We have God’s word.                                tongue and if they would perfect their skills in their
                                                               native tongue, they would make a better translation
                                                               from their native tongue than if they translated from
                                                               these ancient languages.
                      Hath God said?

                                                                       While knowing the ancient languages can be
                                                               very helpful in translating the Bible from one
                                                               language to another, it is not mandatory. The AV is
                                                               all you need.

                                                                2. Intend to have a ministry that focuses on
                                                               teaching that the Received Text (KJV) is the
                                                               word of God. The preparation of this ministry may
                                                               entail the study of the texts of scripture written on

                                                               ancient materials including reading them all,
            It does not matter how good or godly, or nice      comparing them all, and then dividing all of them
     someone is, or how many souls they win to Christ. If      according to those that match and those that do not
     they are telling you the AV Bible has errors, they are    (by the way, this may take more than a lifetime, but
     wrong. Take the good and make use of it, but don’t        you could accomplish a lot if you are young and get
     follow them in their error. The Bible says, “all scrip-   started today).  After you have done all of this, you
     ture is given by inspiration of God” — that is the        will know what you already knew — that the Author-
     Textus Receptus, Masorietic text, the Authorized          ized Version is in the Received Text (Majority Text)
                                                               family.  Modern Bible Versions are in the Corrupt
     (King James) Version, and foreign inspired/preserved
     Bibles. God is right! He has revealed that the               (Minority Text) family, and the corrupt Texts
     Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible is with-     changed doctrinal passages. (Note: do you see
     out error the word of God. It is the original text, and   where Satan attacked the most?) The same attack
     it is available to us!                                    on the word of God in the English world had taken
                                                               place in the ancient world.

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