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                               By Gary Dahl, Board President

                               Happy Holidays and to all I wish   architectural firm to design a canopy-style enclosure on the
                               you a great new year! We rejoice   Upper  Terrace  stairway  similar  to  ones  you  see  at  the
                               in  the  events  reminiscent  of  the   METRO in the district.  In addition to the canopy installa-
                               holidays.  Our  community  shines   tion,  we  need  to  analyze  the  water  drainage  system  that
                               with festive lights and our minds   currently removes water from the Upper Terrace and ad-
        fill with holiday cheer. We enjoy holiday parties and cele-  joining parking lot.  WAL selected an engineer with exper-
        brations here at Watergate at Landmark (WAL). Things slow   tise in water flow and drainage issues to evaluate our cur-
        down  and  gatherings  with  family  and  friends  take  center   rent drainage system on the entire Upper Terrace area to
        stage. Please relax and enjoy all this season has to offer!   determine any necessary changes. We need both the cano-
                                                                py  and  drainage  evaluation  to  avert  another  flood  in  the
        The following contracts were approved during the most re-  Community Center.
        cent Board of Director meeting:
                                                                LED Lighting Replacement Progress.
        Inspection of Building 2 Balconies                      Our in-house staff has completed hallway ceiling light LED
        Structura has surveyed about 20 balconies to formally assess   retrofits in buildings one and two and they have completed
        conditions.  The  contract  includes  engineering  services,  in-  the top four floors of building three.
        vestigation, bidding and construction phases.
                                                                Lighting contractor, Lightiligy has completed  LED retrofits
        Racquet Club Metal Roof Replacement                     in parking garages in Buildings one and four. Once the gar-
        Culbertson Company will replace the Racquet Club’s metal   ages  are  complete  they  will    retrofit  all  of  the  emergency
        roof, gutters, and downspouts. The company will also per-  stairwell light fixtures. Both of these projects have a great
        form minor wall and exterior door repairs.              return on investment; savings in electricity bills are projected

        Pool/Fitness Center Window Replacement                  to pay for the retrofit in a year and a half and the bulbs have
        HiRise Windows will replace the windows and framing be-  an advertised five –year lifespan.

        tween the Indoor Pool and the Fitness Center. The new in-  Board Meeting
        stallation will feature double pane aluminum windows. Con-  Due to the holidays, the Board Meeting will be on Tuesday,
        densation damaged the current pressed wood window frames   December 18. I hope to see you while you are enjoying the
        this  past  summer.  The  new  windows  will  be  a  significant   holiday decorations or attending one of our holiday events.
        improvement. HiRise was the contractor we used to replace
        all the windows in your unit during the past window project.   The Board wishes you and yours the very best this holiday
        The  Association  was  very  pleased  with their  work  on  this   season. May this season bring you joy and happiness.
        previous project.

        Retaining Wall Replacement in Pet Area 2                                    ANNUAL
        Avon Corporation will replace the wood retaining walls in            RE-REGISTRATION
        Pet Area 2. The new walls will be made in keystone block
        wall  material  similar  to  that  used  in  the  existing  walls  in   STARTS DECEMBER 3
        front of Building three.
                                                                 Start  getting  your  vehicle  registrations,  pet  licenses,
        Conference Room Furniture                                current WAL IDs, and current amenities passes  togeth-
        The Conference Room in the Community Center has dilapi-  er! WAL registration period will be from December 3,
        dated furniture over 20 years old. This room is used for new   2018 through January 31, 2019. This is the time when
        residents to receive their welcome packet and needs updat-  we  make  sure  all  your  information  is  current  and  re-
        ing. New furniture will arrive in the next 2 months.     flects any changes from the previous year. This is espe-

        Upper Terrace Stairway Enclosure                         cially important when we need to contact you for emer-
        Over the years, the Community Center experienced signifi-  gency purposes and to update you on important matters.
        cant water infiltration. The open staircase from the Upper   Read the Weekly Flyer as the weeks go on.
        Terrace that leads down to the Building 2 Garage and the
        Community Center is exposed. Water flows down the steps
        like a waterfall in heavy rain.  The Board approved an

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