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these experiences,” says De La Cruz, “is the way custom-              GET IN THE CHAIR!
        ers  remember me and thank me for making them feel good

        about themselves.”                                       Dawn  Marie’s  Visage  Open  House  is  on  December  22
                                                                 from 3 – 5 p.m. Better yet, why don’t you just make an
         And when you want to feel good, she says, “we want to be   appointment  with  Guest  Coordinator  Carolyn  Kemper.
        your go-to place.”
                                                                 While you’re at it, book licensed manicurist Lek for a spa
                                                                 pedicure. Don’t forget to ask for a soothing paraffin dip.
                                                                 Sit back, sip coffee or tea and enjoy!

                                                                 HOW TO TRACK THE
                                                                     WAL SHUTTLE
                                                                  AND RECEIVE TEXT


                                                                 GPS Tracking: Monitor the
                                                                 shuttle location on the fol-
                                                                 lowing link:

                                                                 Text:  Sign  up  for  text  message  alerts  from  the  shuttle
                                                                 provider, Fleet Transportation. To receive text messages
                                                                 go to your text app and send a text to #313131. Type the
                                                                 word “Watergate” in the body of the text. This will keep
                                                                 you  current  on  any  delays,  inclement  weather,  or  any
            Former Owner , Jane Paul enjoying “retirement” as a
                                                                 changes to the shuttle, etc.
            part time Stylist at Dawn Marie’s Visage

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