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         By Peter Klein, Landscape Committee Member

        No matter which season you walk around Watergate there's                                  the Terrace" event.
        always  something  amazing  to  experience.  It  could  be  our
        weeping blue atlas cedar trees in a snowy scene or spring's                               Summer
        blooming  flowers.  You  may  relish  the  smell  of  fresh-cut                           Relaxation
        grass in the summer and the beautiful fall foliage. Whatever                              Hotter  temperatures
        your preference may be, it is a sight everyone—even pro-                                  and  the  shining  sun
        spective buyers—enjoys. Thanks to the work of our grounds                                 entice  us  to  seek
        crew,  maintenance  team,  and  Landscape  Committee,  the                                shade  from  one  of
        landscape remains second to none all year long.                                           WAL's  trees.  Cool,
                                                                                                  green,  and  trimmed
                                                                                                  grass  relieves  our
                                           Winter                                                 feet  in  the  summer
                                           Wonderland                                             months at Watergate
                                           Winter  brings  the                                    at  Landmark.  The
                                           cold and snow pro-                                     glowing  perennials
                                           vides  a  canvas  for   and well-placed stones, shrubs, and grasses creates a harmo-
                                           the  beautiful  ever-  nious view. Clear, refreshing water flows from the waterfall
                                           green  trees  here.   near the gazebos and into the swimming pools. These beauti-
                                           Many look forward                                 ful  features  help  steward
                                           to  the  new  year  as                            WAL's  landscape  during
                                           well as the possibil-                             the summer.
                                           ities  of  a  renewed
                                           start  as  we  reflect
        on the year's events. The landscape comes indoors during the                         Fall Foliage
                                                                                             Nature’s  palette  shifts  to
        winter  through  seasonal  decor.  Seasonal  music  brings  vi-                      the  array  of  bright  reds
        sions of holly, balsam, and pine into our hearts, as the stress                      and  oranges  on  trees  that
        of the day melts away into a serene, wintry landscape. Win-                          shaded us in warmer sea-
                                           ter  is  a  time  where                           sons  in  fall.  Autumn  is  a
                                           we share the experi-                              time when families gather
                                           ence  in  a  special                              to  celebrate  our  connec-
                                           way   with   those                                tion  with  each  other.  Its
                                           around us.                                        cooler  temperatures  and
                                                                                             magnificent  foliage  pro-
                                           Spring Renewal                                    vides a sense of peace and
                                           Spring awakens our                                belonging. It's also a great
                                           landscape’s  bright                               time  to  bask  in  our  land-
                                           tulips  and  daffodils                            scape,  enjoy  the  air's
                                           and enchanting azal-                              crispness  and  listen  as
                                           eas. The landscape's   autumn's  leaves  crunch  under  the  feet.  Chrysanthemums
        beauty  unfolds  like  a  scenic  masterpiece  as  trees  blossom   decorate our homes inside and out, and its batches of color-
        and flowers bloom before our eyes. The renewed landscape   ful fall hues attract the eyes and enliven the spirit. Our com-
        connects with those seeking personal renewal and optimism.   munity participates in a fall clean up to maintain autumn’s
        Our spirit soars and we step lighter in contemplation of new   natural beauty for humans and animals. Consider gathering
        possibilities coming our way.
                                                                some leaves, pods and pine cones for your interior seasonal
        The Watergate at Landmark community dedicates time each   décor.
        year to celebrate and preserve our planet. Our “Earth Day”     Our community has a beautiful array of trees, shrubs, flow-
        festivities  include  a  special  landscape  clean  up  and  tree   ers  and  grassy  areas.  So,  break  away  from  the  hustle  and
        planting activities. Residents explore their green thumbs and   bustle of life and be sure to enjoy our community’s natural
        cultivate plants suitable for condo living at the “Sunday on   beauty any time of the year!

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