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Attention All Unit Owners:

                                                                       Call for Candidates for
             We wish you well during                                   the Board of Directors

                    this time of year.                                         Election 2019

         From WAL Management and

             your Board of Directors!                             Do you have the skills, passion, conviction and commitment
                                                                  to serve your community? Three open positions on the Board
                                                                  of Directors  will be filled in the upcoming WAL elections.
                                                                  The three-year terms begin in March 2019.  Pick up candi-
                                                                  date packets and petition forms at the Association Office or
                                                                  Resident Services.

                                                                  Only  unit  owners  are  eligible  to  apply.  Submit  applica-
                                                                  tions no later than noon on Saturday, December 15 to the
                                                                  Association Office.

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