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                                        HOLIDAY IS HAPPY

                                             By Chief Javier Ortiz, Patrol Services Chief

        No matter your travel plans, here are some tips to help your     Pick up in-store. Check to see if your store offers such
        holidays remain a little brighter.                          and if so, have the items shipped there after monitoring
                                                                    the delivery status email from the company.
        Holiday Package Deliveries
        Patrol  Services  typically  sees  an  uptick  in  reports  about   Holiday Décor Guidelines
        packages stolen from unit doors this time of year. Follow   One of the best things about this time of year for many of
        the guidelines listed below to reduce the likelihood of be-  us is decorating to your heart’s content! As you plan and
        coming a victim.                                        prepare to deck the halls, keep in mind the following rules
          Retrieve packages as soon as they arrive. Check with   on seasonal décor.
           your delivery service for tracking service options. This     Seasonal  décor  is  allowed  through  Tuesday,  January
           service estimates the package arrival date.              15, 2019 and must not emit sounds.
          Ask  your  delivery  company  to  hold  or  forward  your     Do  not  hang  decorations  from  the  balcony  ceiling  or
           package  if  you  will  be  away  for  a  long  time.  Store   over your balcony railing. Hanging from other areas of
           packages  ordered  on  Amazon  with  Amazon  Locker.     your balcony is permitted provided you follow all safe-
           The nearest Amazon locker location is  at the 7-Eleven,   ty codes.
           331 S Whiting St, Alexandria, VA 22304.                Decorations  on  the  door  must  not  protrude  into  the
          Opt-in for the signature required delivery.              hallway nor onto the door frame.
          If your package is less than 20 lbs. and smaller than the   Trash Disposal
           “12 x 18” x 24” maximum size, you can allow Resi-    Trash increase is expected this season due to more guests,
           dent Services to receive your package. Fill out an au-  gifts and festivities. Your help in keeping our trash rooms
           thorization form and submit it to them.              clean is appreciated. Ensure guests, children, and contrac-

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