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         By Rashawnda Atkinson

        Take  a  stroll  down  the  Community   lash Extensions. Oh yeah, you’ve got   first encountered Paul. “I loved work-
        Center hallway and, wait...where’s the   to try the new massage/pedicure chair!   ing with Jane Paul. . . and the clients I
        Uni-Hair Salon? Hmmm...there’s still                                      met,” she recounts. “I had no plans to
        a  salon  here,  and  look,  there’s  Uni-  Paul decided to retire in October after   own  a  large  shop  again  but  Jane
        Hair’s  owner,  Jane  Paul.  The  sign  is   owning  and  managing  Uni-Hair  for   reached out to me,” she says.
        different though. What’s going on?   nearly  30  years.  But  she  didn’t  want
                                             to sell the business to just anyone; she   De  La  Cruz’s  training  includes  stints
        In a word, change. Licensed hairstylist   wanted  to  be  sure  it  would  flourish.   at  BROMS  Beauty  School,  Rob  Roy
        Dawn Marie De Le Cruz is the propri-  Enter Dawn.                         Esthetics  School,  and  Putnam  Voca-
        etor  of  Dawn  Marie’s  Visage,  now                                     tional  post-graduate  programs.  She
        located in our Community Center.     BACK TO THEIR ROOTS                  holds  certifications  from  the  Ameri-
                                             “Dawn was the first person I thought   can Board of Certified Hair Colorists,
        The name, she says, evokes her desire                                     Brazilian  Blowout,  Extreme  Eyelash
        to “create ‘looks’ for people.”      about  talking  to  when  I  decided  to

        Never fear, the “best of the best” — in
        both  stylists  and  services  —  is  still   “When you want to feel good, we want to be your
        here.  You  can  still  get  a  Brazilian                       go-to place.”  ~ Dawn Marie De La Cruz
        Blowout  and  Keratin  treatment.  You
        can still have Jane Paul do your hair.
        But  now  you  can  also  get  Hair   sell,”  says  Paul.  “I  knew  she  would   Extensions  and  Hair  Dreams  Exten-
        Dreams Extensions and Extreme Eye-   love and care for the salon like I did.”   sions.
                                                             Plus,  she  says,  “she   BRUSHES WITH FAME
                                                             still  allows  me  to
                                                             serve  my  clients,”   De  La  Cruz  has  had  the  privilege  of
                                                             some  of  whom  go   working  with  renowned  hair  mogul
                                                             back 40 years.       Paul Mitchell, co-founder of the Paul
                                                                                  Mitchell line of hair products, to cre-
                                                             “It’s  hard  to  stop!”   ate  the  signature  hair  color  for  two-
                                                             says  Paul  with  a   time  Oscar  nominee  Carol  Connors.
                                                                                  She’s  the  woman  who  co-wrote  the
                                                             Paul now works part  iconic  theme  song  for  the  movie
                                                             -time  at  the  salon,   “Rocky,”  (“Gonna  Fly  Now”)  .  To
                                                             coming  full  circle   this day, Connors still relies on De La
                                                             from  her  first  part-  Cruz for her hairstyling talents when-
                                                             time gig at Uni-Hair   ever business brings her to D.C.
                                                             back  in  the  1980’s   But  De  La  Cruz  isn’t  simply  in  the
                                                             before   she   pur-  business  for  sheer  glamour.  She  also
                                                             chased it.           styled hair for women diagnosed with

                                                             De  La  Cruz  is  no   Alzheimer’s  disease  and  little  girls
                                                             stranger   to   Wa-  who want pink hair — temporarily, at
                                                             tergate, either. Elev-  least. (“That little  girl  was  living  her
                                                             en  years  ago,  she   dream!  That’s  what  I  like  most  —  I
                                                             was a stylist for Uni  get  to  be  a  part  of  that,”  she  notes.)
         New Salon Owner;  Dawn Marie De La Cruz                                  “What touches my heart about each of
                                                             -Hair,  where  she
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