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         By Janis Eve Richards

                                                                                   focus  on  personal  and  academic  af-
                                              She  contacted  WAL’s  maintenance   fairs." The residents he’s met while in
                                              crew to move the book shelves. They   the  library  have  been  “friendly,  po-
                                              were  relocated  to  the  Activities  Of-  lite, and courteous.”
                                              fice with former Activities Coordina-
                                              tor Sue Stacks’ permission. It is from   Now  nearing  30  years  of  existence,
                                              within  that  space  that  the  WAL  Li-  the digital era is upon us. People can
                                              brary began to grow.                 read stories on anything from laptops
                                                                                   to smart devices at the touch of a fin-
                                              John  Rutledge traded  books  to  bring   ger. “Some of us still turn the pages
                                              in  newly-released  books  as  they  de-  and like the feel of holding a book in
                                              buted.  Like  local  public  libraries,  he   our hands,” Richards says.
                                              usually obtained several copies of the
                                              latest  writings.  Many  volunteers  do-  Friends of the WAL Library
                                              nated  humor,  health,  book-to-film,   So  many  friends  have  helped  main-
        Are you a literary aficionado, a politi-  personal narratives, politics, and chil-
        cal  wonk,  or  social  butterfly  looking   dren/juvenile  literature,  but  not  just   tain the impressive library WAL has
        to mingle? Our library at Watergate at   any book would do. No tattered, torn,   today.  Retired  professional  librarian
        Landmark  is  a  place  where  all  these   or  waterlogged  books  exist  in  the   Marsha  Ward  enjoys  volunteering
        yearnings are satisfied and more. It’s   WAL library.                      because  she  “loves  Watergate  and
        where the Evening Book Club meets,                                         wants  to  give  back.”  When  asked
        neighbors chat, and students hack on   Decades  later,  the  library  now  de-  about  the  kinds  of  books  the  library
        their  smart  devices.  Filled  with  a   pends on the WAL  community's  do-  has, Ward says, "The library has such
        plethora  of  books,  policy  mavens,   nations  for  new  books.  Volunteers   a variety of books because we have a
        novel  enthusiasts,  and  children  alike   rotate the collection, which altogether   variety  of  readers  [at  WAL]."
        whet their literary appetite within its   could fill the library three times over.   Georges  Jacques,  a  Board  Member
        walls.  The  check-in/out  policy  is  on   It continues to stand the test of time,   and library volunteer for 8 years now,
        the  honor  system,  so  no  library  card   even in its current home across from   rotates new books into the library and
        needed  here.  It's  amazing  that  a  li-  Resident  Services.  Volunteers  create   moves  older  books  into  storage.
        brary  so  well-organized  and  main-
        tained is done so by a group of volun-    “It was serendipitous circumstances that brought
        teers  known  as  the  Friends  of  the                          this library together.”~Janis Richards
        WAL Library!

        Humble Beginnings                     beautiful themed displays each month   These  are  a  few of the  many  volun-
        Our  Library  has  been  functioning   showcased in the window with books   teers  who  help  make  WAL's  library
        since  the  early  1990's  by  several  in-  related to the theme.         an excellent place to socialize, work,
        teresting   happenstances.    John                                         or learn.
        Rutledge  was  an  owner  here  at  Wa-  What the Library Means to Us
        tergate  and  a  long-time  volunteer   The  library  functions  in  different   You  don't  have  to  go  too  far  to
        with the library. One day, he noticed   ways  for  different  residents  here  at   quench  your  literary  thirst.  Our  li-
        people  donating  like-new  paperback   WAL. “Ours is a social library where   brary  is  a  valuable  amenity  here  at
        books  to  the  Activities  Office.  Janis   friends  gather  sometimes  to  discuss   WAL. Drop in at any time to donate
        Richards  discovered  two  6-foot  tall   books  but  not  exclusively,”  says    or pick up books, chat with neighbors
        solid  wooden  book  shelves  on  Bldg.   Richards,  who  volunteered  with  the   or use the Wi-Fi connection to access
        4’s loading dock. It seemed as if cir-  library for over 22 years. "It’s always   the Internet.

        cumstances  were  aligning  to  create   been  a  meeting  place  as  long  as  it’s
        what would become the library.        been here,” she further explains.     WAL Library Open House
                                                Andre Dufatanye, visiting WAL from
        “It  was  serendipitous  circumstances                                        December 13th between
        that  brought  this  library  together,”   France, uses the library in a different   3:00 and 6:00 PM
        Richards stated.                      way. To him, the library is “a place to

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