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                 By Vinh Pham, Administrative Director, Resident Services Manager
        If you find yourself mainly watching   vides  antenna  cable  connections  in   way  to  install  services  in  your
        local  news  and  programming,  Wa-  each  unit  allowing  residents  to  view   unit. The wiring is for the exclu-
        tergate  at  Landmark  has  the  perfect   local channels in the DC Metro region   sive  use  of  the  master  antenna
        answer  for  you.  Originally  installed   for free without cable or satellite con-  system only.
        by the developer forty plus years ago,   tracts/expenditures.
        a  community-wide  master  television                                      •  Be  mindful  that the  signal’s  sys-
        antenna  system  exists throughout  the   It's simple and quick to use. Connect   tem  runs  from  floor  to  floor.  A
        community. The master antenna pro-   the coaxial cable from your TV to the     unit  above  or  below  yours  can
                                                               wall plate in your      eliminate  service  if  their  wall
                     WAL MASTER                                unit location. De-      plate is damaged, painted over or
                                                                                       if  they  removed  wires  during  a
                                                               pending  on  your
                 ANTENNA SYSTEM                                unit  type,  this       remodel.
                                                               will  be  located
                 CHANNEL LISTING                               within  the  bed-   •  Resident  Services  can  process  a
                                                                                       work order request if you are una-
                                                               room,  den,  or         ble to receive the master antenna
                                                               kitchen.  Turn  on      signal  or  have  difficulty  with  a
                                    Analog        High-
                 Station                                       the TV and you're       certain  channel.  However  some-
              Designation           System       Definition    good to go!             times  the  problem  can  be  very
                                   Channels     Channels                               involved if a neighboring unit has
                                                               Both  analog  and       disrupted the service line.
         Front Door Camera        3            3               high-definition

         NBC                      14           4.1 – 4.2       televisions   can   •  National  Antenna  performs  the
                                                               use  the  system.       service calls for the master anten-
         WTTG (Fox 5)             15           5.1 – 5.2       The  chart  to  the     na. The Association covers minor

         ABC                      17           7.1 – 7.3       right   organizes       repairs to the wiring (e.g. old wall
                                                               the  channels  by       plate or aged wiring). The Associ-
         CCTV                     8            8               analog  and  high-      ation  may  assess  charges  to  the
                                                                                       owner at fault if improper move-
         CBS                      19           9.1 – 9.3       definition   sta-       ment or removal of a wall plate or
         WFDC                     X            14.1 – 14.4                             wiring caused signal loss.
         WDCA (Fox 5 Plus)        20           20.1 – 20.3      Information for      •  When  altering  a  wall  that  has  a
                                                                   Owners:             master antennae wall plate, own-
         WMPT – Annapolis PBS     22           22.1 – 22.4
                                                               Check  out  these       ers  must  submit  an  architectural
         WETA                     26           26.1 – 26.4     important facts to      modification  application  through
                                                               know when using         the  Management  Office.  Such
         WDCW50                   28           50.1 – 50.2     master antenna or       plans must be reviewed for proper

         WHUT –                   32           32.1 – 32.2     remodeling    an        wire  relocation.  If  not,  your
         Howard Univ. PBS                                      area  having  a         neighbors  may  suffer  signal  loss
                                                               master   antenna        and  you  could  be  liable  for  the
         WZDC                     X            44.1 – 44.2
                                                               wall plate:             cost to correct the problem, even
         WNUV                     X            54.1 – 54.4       •  No  cable  or      if it was an accident.

         ION                      X            66.1 – 66.6     satellite   service   For  further  information  contact    the
                                                               provider may use    management office at 703-370-7000.
         LATV                     X            68.1            this  wiring  as  a

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