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Michel Hillgarth Michele@HillgarthArt.com
Water tank and other outstanding issues
29 September 2014 at 15:31
Paul Constable studio@graffiti.biz, Segar Karupiah segar_9@hotmail.com, Jamil Raja J.Raja@jraja.co.uk, mleonisceti@gmail.com, Christopher Leigh Pemberton clp@sw12group.com, Samya Riad riadsf@gmail.com, Fortunati, Diego - GCIB LDN diego.fortunati@baml.com, susanna gnecco susannagnecco@hotmail.com, ivan@osullivanproperty.co.uk
As predicted, by 6 people out of the 9, the current management is a complete fiasco.
These problems are a result of not preparing a proper and explicit budget of expenditure since you’ve taken up the major management responsibility 3 years ago. New issues keep arising, more money is requested, and everyone is confused and frustrated. You can only blame yourself and your fellow directors for these problems.
As per Diego’s e-mail of this morning, at 7.01am on 29.9.2014, I couldn’t agree more. The hundreds of e-mails we receive from management render any useful informaNon contained completely lost to us leasees. And the worst of it all is that you constantly avoid replying to the queries which are put forward in a simple and sensible format.
Please only reply to my following points and nothing else.
1) When instrucNng your “surveyor”, what was he directed to survey? This has been asked on numerous occasions without clarificaNon. Given the sudden problem of the water tank we need a clear reply to this.
2) When was the water tank last checked? (If not by you, by previous management? You must know when they did this if it has not been checked by you). From what I understand an annual risk assessment for managed buildings should be carried out with regard in the very least to legionella. Where is last year’s risk assessment? What triggered the sudden cause for alarm with the water tank on a Friday night...?
3) When did you or the previous management carry out a proper electrical survey? Your electrical cerNficate states that the overall condiNon of installaNon is unsa5sfory. Also under the ‘observaNons and recommendaNons for acNon’ secNon there are 3 issues idenNfied. Are these the next issues we are suddenly going to be asked more money for? What ac5on has been taken to alleviate these risks and issues? Your requirements seemingly to the electrician are only to ‘Ndy the wires’.
4) The majority has requested a proper survey of the BT installaNon, so please provide this.
5) Please supply what Diego, and Maria, and I have all repeatedly asked for on umpteen
occasions – a clear of breakdown of what works the contractor is carrying out, with itemised costs. DO NOT TELL US WE ARE NOT ENTITLED TO THIS. It is all our money, not just management’s to use without full permission.
6) There is also a lack of transparency in terms of who is to be paid when with regard to the works. Why does this informaNon need to be hidden? As a director, let alone a leasee, I am requesNng that these details are released to everybody. Please see the a^ached e-mail as an example of avoidance.
As a final note, unNl you are transparent nobody is prepared to pay for any extras as you already have a large pot of funds to work with. By paying the windows individually that gave you an extra few thousand pounds for addiNonal expenses, so the budget should sNll be in working order if you are able to manage it properly with everything which was outlined originally and all the savings you pretend have been made.

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