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EdQuire White Paper: Computer	learning	behaviour	in	K-12
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               The	student	portal	displayed	the	student’s	daily	timetable	as	an	incentive	as	well	as	their	personal	real-time
               computer	learning	profile	containing	the	above	parameters,	in	a	similar	format	to	the	teacher.	The	data
               showed	their	current	and	historical	trend	of	On-Task	and	Off-Task	times,	top	10	activities	in	each	category,
               distractibility	and	internet	search	profile.	Data	was	analysed	only	for	the	self-selected	group	of	students	who
               looked	at	their	data	at	least	once	and	compared	to	their	preceding	10	day	control	period.	We	analysed	total
               computer	use	time,	On-Task	and	Off-Task	times	and	distractibility	index.

               Of	the	307	students	in	School	1,	100	students	looked	at	their	data.	This	group	had	a	higher	Off-Task	time
               than	the	whole	group	(33%	vs	10%).	Figure	9	show	the	effect	of	this	feedback	on	these	100	self-selected
               students’	computer	learning	behaviour.	Distractibility,	number	of	task	switches	and	Off-Task	duration	all
               decreased	significantly,	and	were	replaced	with	a	longer	On-	Task	duration.	Figure	10	shows	the	effect	of
               feedback	on	On-Task	versus	Off-Task	more	clearly	as	proportions.	This	data	strongly	suggests	a	positive	self-
               regulatory	effect	of	giving	students	real-time	feedback	of	their	behavioural	data.

               Figure	9.	Distractibility	Index	(DI),	number	of	task	switches	per	minutes	(top),	and	On-Task	and	Off-Task
               duration	per	minutes,	in	the	pre-feedback	stage	(pre-stage)	and	during	the	feedback	stage	(post-stage).

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