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EdQuire White Paper: Computer	learning	behaviour	in	K-12
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               Design	of	such	a	trial	poses	a	number	of	privacy	and	ethical	challenges	yet	to	be	resolved.	In	the	meantime,
               analysing	and	correlating	logs	of	teacher’s	use	of	the	console	for	interventions	may	offer	more	insights.

               Another	potentially	significant	factor	is	that	the	four	schools	did	self-select	for	our	trials.	The	low	Off-Task
               times	may	reflect	the	highly	motivated,	skilled	and	resourced	eLearning	coordinators	and	IT	staff	who	had
               effective	pre-existing	processes	for	promoting	responsible	computer	use.	This	is	consistent	with	teacher	ICT
               advocacy	and	resources	being	well	documented	as	important	factors	leading	to	the	effective	use	of
               computers	in	schools.

               2.5	Computer	usage	behaviour	for	boys	and	girls

               To	understand	whether	boys	and	girls	have	different	computer	usage	behaviour,	we	analysed	above
               computer	usage	behaviour	for	boys	(N=263)	and	girls’	(N=286).

               Computer	use	in	lessons	was	similar	for	both	genders	(20.6	and	20.2	minutes	for	boys	and	girls,	respectively).
               Boys	had	statistically	significant	but	modestly	higher	Off-Task	time	of	19%	per	lesson	compared	to	15%	for

                              Figure	3	Proportion	of	On-Task	and	Off-Task	for	Boys	(left)	and	girls	(Right).

               While	we	found	significantly	higher	Off-Task	rates	in	boys,	the	amount	was	modest.	Further	analysis	by	age
               and	subject	may	reveal	further,	more	relevant	and	useful	differences.

               2.6	Nature	of	On-Task	and	Off-Task	activities

               To	understand	the	nature	of	activities,	including	apps	and	websites	used	by	students,	we	calculated	the	top
               10	activities	by	duration	in	the	On-Task	and	Off-Task	categories	for	both	genders.

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