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EdQuire White Paper: Computer	learning	behaviour	in	K-12
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               2.7	Distractibility	by	year	grade

               FIC	calculated	the	average	distractibility	index	(DI)	for	each	student	per	lesson,	ranging	from	0	to	1
               (1=completely	distracted).	The	formula	of	DI	is	presented	in	Appendix	1.

               Figure	7	shows	the	averaged	DI	by	grade	for	all	schools.	Distractibility	was	similar	across	year	grades	7	to	10
               with	a	dramatic	drop	in	distractibility	in	years	11	and	12.	This	pattern,	noted	earlier	in	the	study,	persisted
               with	the	complete	data	set,	suggesting	a	robust	result.

               Figure	7.	Distractibility	index	by	year	grade.	The	higher	the	score	means	the	greater	the	distractibility.

               This	DI	index	combines	Off-Task	time	and	task	switching	and	is	a	promising,	though	yet	to	be	validated,
               measure.	Regardless,	the	improvement	in	student	arrangement	in	years	11	and	12	is	clear	and	has	been
               confirmed	in	simple	Off-Task	times	and	number	of	switches	which	looked	similar	(not	shown).	We	can
               speculate	that	students	in	years	11	and	12	start	focusing	on	their	HSC	or	its	equivalent,	and	dramatically
               improve	their	self-regulation	on	their	computers.	Further	data	collection	and	analysis	of	the	nature	of
               activities	will	be	needed	to	confirm	this	interpretation.

               2.8	Internet	search	skill	assessment

               We	investigated	the	Internet	searching	behaviour	of	students.		First,	we	analysed	which	search	engines
               students	used,	and	then	their	use	of	available	search	tools	such	as	the	boolean	AND,	OR,	NOT,	quotation
               marks	and	others	(such	as	+,	-,	~,	:,	or,	and,	site,	etc)	to	refine	their	search.	Extensive	analysis	of	student
               search	skills	including	search	trails	is	underway	but	beyond	the	scope	of	this	study.

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