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EdQuire White Paper: Computer	learning	behaviour	in	K-12
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               The	Distractibility	Index
               Off	task	time,	as	well	as	frequent	task-switching	contribute	to	distraction	(Kraushaar	and	Novak	2010).	We
               thus	defined	a	Distractibility	Index	(DI)	as	a	ratio	of	time	On-Tasks	(Green,	Blue	or	Orange	educategories),
               versus	time	Off-Task	(Red)	weighted	by	the	number	of	activity	switches	between	the	two.	This	index	ranges
               from	0	(no	distraction)	to	1	(completely	distracted).	See	Appendix	for	details	of	the	formula.

               2.3	Active	computer	use	in	lessons

               The	average	time	computers	were	used	in	lessons	was	calculated	from	all	lessons	with	significant	computer
               use,	defined	as	at	least	2	minutes.

               Computers	were	used	in	84%	of	lessons	for	at	least	2	minutes.	Figure	1a	shows	the	distribution	of	lessons	by
               computer	use	time	across	the	four	schools.	Seventy	six	percent	of	lessons	were	40	minutes	in	duration,	the
               remainder	were	50	minutes.	There	is	an	even	distribution	of	active	computer	use	time	from	1	to	29	minutes
               per	lesson	with	an	average	of	20	minutes,	representing	5%	of	lesson	time	where	computers	were	used	and
               38%	of	all	student	lesson	time

               Figure	1a:	Distribution	of	lessons	by	computer	usage	time

               The	relatively	high	5%	spent	on	active	computer	use	in	classes	where	computers	were	used	is	consistent	with
               anecdotal	reports	from	teachers.		The	relatively	flat,	non-normal	distribution	of	computer	use	in	lessons
               probably	reflects	the	non-homogeneity	of	the	lesson	subjects.	Further	analysis	by	subject	and	by	year	grade
               may	be	useful	in	characterising	this	differential	use	of	computers.

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