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                   What  if  we  do  the  Walk  for  the  walk  in  which  all  of  us
                   Glaciers !                      –  international  staff,
                   At  Diva  International  Diplomat  Geneva   International
                   magazine,  we  are  extremely  proud  and   the   diplomatic
                   that our appeals over the last few years  community   -   could
                   about  the  threats  to  Swiss  Glaciers  participate.  This  could
                   have  not  remained  unnoticed.  We  be  done  during  the
                   applaud the recent statement by the  coming  summer  when
                   UN Secretary-General Mr. Guterres  it  is  easier  to  approach
                   during the World Economic Forum  the  glaciers,  and  they
                   (WEF)  in  Davos,  stating  that  can  be  seen  dramatically  melting.  raising emissions.  Our planet is still
                   “Here  in  Switzerland,  glaciers  are  This  would  raise  awareness,  and  as  heading for a scorching 3°C increase
                   disappearing before our eyes.  Some  dedicated glacier lovers and natural  in  global  temperatures compared
                   are  gone  forever;  and  others  have  heritage  supporters,  we  would  love  with  the  pre-industrial  period,
                   lost  10 per cent  of  their  volume  in  to take part.        which is far from the target of 1.5°C”.
                   just the past two years.  Such rapid                           Of course, our proposed walks will
                   changes should disturb us all.  2023  Even  if  these  walks  never  happen,  not be sufficient to reduce emissions
                   went  down  as  the  hottest  year  on  smaller groups could take a pledge  or to keep the planet safe; that is the
                   record.   But  it  could  be  one  of  the  to make five walks in favour of the  work of politicians.
                   coolest years of the future.”   Swiss glaciers and write an account
                                                   about  them  –  Diva  International  However, if they raise awareness, they
                   The  Swiss  Glaciers  are  receding  Diplomat  for  the  Glaciers.  If  any  of  will show that there are votes to be
                   drastically  and  those  of  us  who  you carry out such walks, please let  gained: they will indicate where the
                   love  them  are  saddened  by  this  us know and we could publish your  public  concerns  are.  Furthermore,
                   loss.  According  to  Swiss  research,  reports.               they  will  raise  questions  and
                   the glacier melt will continue at the                          enquiries,  they  cause  people  to
                   same  rate  until  2040.  After  that,  Walking  is  beneficial  for  health  of  seek out the facts of the issues and
                   estimates range from a loss of 22% to  course, as the latest Harvard Health  thereby educate themselves. Alerting
                   50% by 2100, depending on climate  Publishing  issue  notes,  but  if  we  people to how our natural heritage is
                   measures taken.                 do  these  walks  we  save  something  threatened  and  may  disappear  is  a
                                                   equally vital: the glaciers themselves,  loud cry that something could and
                   What  can  the  writers  and  readers  our  precious  natural  heritage.  Of  should be urgently done.
                   of Diva do to change the situation?  course,  walks  alone  will  not  cool
                   Of  course,  actions  are  needed  at  a  down  the  planet  or  save  it  from  So, I propose that we work together
                   global  level  as  well  as  at  country  atmospheric warming, but they can  to  do  this.  At  Diva,  we  hope  to  be
                   and  government  levels.  However,  raise  awareness  among  those  who  heard further and make our modest
                   all of us can make a change. If our  can bring change.         contribution to the protection of the
                   publications  raise  awareness,  then                          Swiss  glaciers.  We  have  millions  of
                   maybe  further  awareness-raising  At Davos, the UN Secretary-General  readers  all  over  the  Globe  –  if  just
                   will  bring  concrete  actions.  For  Mr.  Guterres  pointed  out  that  it  is  10 per cent did Walks to Save Their
                   example, we could launch a Walk for  not only the current level of climate  Glaciers  we  could  all  win:  win  our
                   Glaciers  appeal;  after  all,  there  are  change  and  global  warming  that  planet  for  ourselves  and  for  future
                   many Walks for good causes, so why  threaten our planet and glaciers. He  generations.
                   not for Glaciers? There could be an  noted  that  “as  climate  breakdown
                   organization to arrange a sponsored  begins, countries remain hellbent on   Evelina RIOUKHINA

                   w w w. d i va i n t e r n at i o n a l . c h
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