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                   capacity  appear  to  be  limited.  First  of  all,
                   most  of  these  were  primarily  vehicles  of
                   information. TV was not interactive vis-à-vis
                   large audiences in the past, neither was radio.
                   Interaction,  sure,    was  possible  for  people
                   involved in a radio or TV broadcast, but on a
                   limited scale. Letters to the editor were also a
                   possibility for printed media. But still, it was   BG at UN Bazaar 2023
                   not  a  mass  phenomenon  that  would  allow
                   an individual person to influence thousands
                   or  tens  of  thousands  by  writing  a  letter  to
                   the  editor  of  a  respected  newspaper,  or  by
                   participating in broadcasts, be it radio or TV.

                   In  the  past,  media  in  pluralist  democratic
                   societies were expected to follow certain facts
                   verification  criteria,  but  today  individuals
                   involved  in  this  kind  of  global  network  of
                   information  and  opinion  exchange  are  not                               Exhibition of
                   subject to these standards. So, this of course                              BG traditional
                   creates  significant  challenges  and  a  real  risk                        crafts at WIPO
                   of  disinformation  being  spread  very  easily                             celebrating St
                   without  possibilities  to  verify  it  and  at  the                        Cyril and St
                   same time influencing not tens of thousands                                 Methodius Day
                   but  tens  of  millions  of  people  around  the
                   world one way or another.
                                                          opportunities.  It  creates  the  possibility  of
                   This,  of  course,  constitutes  a  challenge  processing information multiple times faster
                   which needs to be addressed because it may  than in the past. So, you can get a synthesis of
                   very easily transform a person or a group of  information from thousands of sources within
                   persons  into  a  target  of  public  ostracism  or  a couple of minutes. On the other hand, it also
                   even aggression. We have witnessed this in the  may be used to generate disinformation and
                   past. This is one side of the problem. The other  disseminate it around the globe many times
                   is that this phenomenon endangers gravely the  faster than up to now.
                   freedom of opinion and expression in many
                   parts of the world, for it may be used by non-  Without  standards  and  procedures  which
                   democratic regimes as a pretext to crack down  would allow verification of who or what is at
                   on free media, on freedom of expression.  And  the origin of certain information, how can this
                   this is also a real risk, it is actually happening:  information, or alleged facts or circumstances
                   alleged  security  concerns  and  the  declared  be checked?
                   need to act against disinformation are being  Without  this,  the  risk  of  massive  spread  of
                   used as a pretext for repressions on dissenting  disinformation  would  be  huge.  But  again,
                   opinion that is not to the like of those in power.  artificial  intelligence  may  be  used  also  for
                   We are pretty conscious about all this, and we  verification  of  facts  and  allegations.  As  I
                   believe it is important to raise awareness about  mentioned, it depends on how it is used, and
                   these dangers and find appropriate means of  on  whether  the  international  community
                   addressing them, including through the action  is  capable  of  agreeing  on  a  set  of  standards
                   in and by the Human Rights Council.    and  the  necessary  minimum  of  regulations
                                                          providing for the requisite level of verification
                   What about artificial intelligence?    and  tracking  of  the  information’s  origin:
                   Artificial  intelligence  exacerbates  further  I  believe  if  this  is  achieved,  it  would  be  a
                   these  risks  while  it  may  also  offer  new  huge  development  which  would  contribute

                   w w w. d i va i n t e r n at i o n a l . c h
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