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                    “humanity      to  reinforcing  and  protecting  human  rights  Regrettably, of course, we’re facing a situation
                                   in the digital world in which we are already  wherein the fundamental principles and rules
                         will be
                                   living  and  which  is  evolving  so  rapidly  and  of the international order as we have known it
                         able to   unpredictably.                         over the past several decades are being put to

                         find its                                         a test – by wars of aggression and other armed
                                   These  remarks  are,  of  course,  my  personal  conflicts which indeed are devastating in many
                      unity and    reflections.  Regarding  Bulgaria’s  national  ways. In spite of this, I believe that sooner or
                   address the     position, the reflections are on-going with a  later  this  state  of  affairs  will  be  overcome.
                     challenges    view to finding the right approach, the right  Humanity  will  be  able  to  find  its  unity  and
                                   balance,  so  as  on  the  one  hand,  to  prevent  address the challenges which are ahead of us.
                     which are     disinformation  and  the  new  means  of

                         ahead     generating and spreading such disinformation  Bulgaria’s  commitment  is  to  contribute.  We
                                   from  badly  damaging  the  interests  of  know that alone we will not be in a position to
                          of us.”
                                   individuals, of groups of people, of societies  achieve much, so we need to join forces with
                                   and nations, of the international community  others in order to be able to have a multiplying
                                   as a whole. And on the other hand to ensure  effect and achieve progress in addressing these
                                   that  these  new  developments  will  not  affect  challenges. It’s not just a challenge for one or
                                   individual human rights around the globe in  for a group of nations. It’s a challenge for all
                                   a way that would indeed be detrimental not  the  humanity.  And  that’s  the  purpose  of  us
                                   only  to  individual  development,  but  to  our  being here in Geneva as well as our colleagues
                                   humanity as a whole, and rather be directed to  in New York, where we are under the umbrella
                                   the benefit of humans and humanity. So we are  of  the  overarching  global  structure  of  the
                                   reflecting on these complex and complicated  United Nations Organization.
                                   issues,  and  working  together  with  other
                                   nations to find the right solutions.   As you said, Geneva is a hub of many activities.
                                                                          Are there some in particular that you would
                                   Bulgaria will sit on the Human Rights Council  like to mention?
                                   as of 1  January: this will, of course, increase  There are plenty of issues in Geneva to deal
                                   significantly  the  workload  of  your  mission.  with.  Artificial  intelligence  is  one  of  them,
                                   How are you going to manage?           and the developments in the digital field are
                                   Bulgaria is not alone at the HRC. If we join  something  obvious.  We’re  also  facing  and
                                   efforts, we can use the comparative advantages  addressing the challenges in the fields of health
                                   of many of the nations in Geneva, of the many  and  health  policies.  We’re  still  overcoming
                                   missions that are here, for we have a common  the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic
                                   interest in doing this jointly. This way, I think,  and trying to foresee what might be the next
                                   we can achieve a lot.                  challenge  in  this  area.  This  impels  to  the
                                                                          creation of mechanisms and means of closer
                                   We are doing this within the European Union.  cooperation  and  faster  kinds  of  tracking.  In
                                   In the EU we have established mechanisms,  this  regard  the  World  Health  Organisation
                                   procedures and settings for cooperation, which  is, let’s say, the primary setting where we are
                                   have  proven  their  efficiency  over  the  years.  looking for opportunities to do better.
                                   But  of  course,  we  are  not  limiting  ourselves
                                   to a relatively small group of nations, for the  We are expecting Bulgaria to join the Executive
                                   challenges we are facing have a global impact.  Board  of  the  World  Health  Organisation  in
                                   We need to seek partnerships and cooperation  2024. We hope this will happen in May when
                                   from all parts of our world. I believe that the  the World Health Assembly has to endorse our
                                   majority of the nations around the globe are  candidacy.  Our  Executive  Board  candidacy
                                   aware  of  these  challenges  and  are  willing  to  has  already  been  approved  by  the  WHO
                                   seek  common  solutions  and  cooperation  regional committee for Europe at its session
                                   – primarily within the UN and its system of  in  Astana  last  October,  and  the  next  World
                                   agencies and organizations, including here in  Health Assembly is expected to endorse our
                                   Geneva.                                membership.

                   0                                                           w w w. d i va i n t e r n at i o n a l . c h
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