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Event Sonya Yoncheva

                   The Permanent Mission of Bulgaria recently  Rights of the Child, to include a right to free
                   organised a joint event with the United Nations  and compulsory pre-primary and secondary
                   Geneva Office, UNICEF and the Diplomatic  education for every child around the world.
                   Club of Geneva where we presented a broader  We will be working with countries not only
                   vision of how children’s human rights have to  from  Europe  but  from  other  parts  of  the
                   be promoted globally.  This event was centred  world as well, promoting the universal right
                   on  the  participation  of  Sonya  Yoncheva,  a  to education, which should be comprehensive
                   world-famous Bulgarian opera soprano, who  and  include  secondary  education  as  well  as
                   is  also  a  UNICEF  national  ambassador  in  pre-school  or  pre-primary  education.  This
                   Bulgaria.    The  event  attracted  high  interest  would  cover  children  from  the  age  of  four
                   and attention because she was there not just  up to the age of 16. Kids around the world,
                   performing in her own right but also with the  we believe, should have the right to free and
                   Geneva  Conservatory  Children’s  Orchestra  inclusive access to education.
                   whom  she  and  her  husband,  himself  an
                   orchestra  conductor,  are  patronizing.  Sonya  You seem to have had a busy year in 2023.
                   Yoncheva  performed  with  them  a  couple  of  Could you tell us a little about it?
                   her  pieces,  and  presented  in  an  interactive  Yes, it was busy, but it was successful because
                   manner her vision as goodwill ambassador for  we were elected to the HRC.
                   UNICEF.                                So,  this  being  said,  I  also  took  part  in  an
                                                          event  organized  by  the  non-governmental
                   I  also  had  the  opportunity  and  the  honour  organizations  Save  the  Children  and  Child
                   of  representing  my  country  as  co-sponsor  Rights  Connect  on  the  margins  of  the
                   of a couple of other important events, which  celebration  of  the  75th  anniversary  of  the
                   again  were  focused  on  children’s  rights  and  Universal  Declaration  of  Human  Rights.  I
                   will  be  part  of  the  initiatives  that  we  will  mentioned “celebration”, but during the event
                   be  promoting  through  and  in  the  Human  itself, I stressed that probably the time is not
                   Rights  Council.  The  first  was  a  side  event  quite  appropriate  for  celebrations  because
                   that we organized jointly with the Permanent  we  are  facing  multiple  challenges  to  human
                   Missions of Luxembourg and of Armenia here  rights,  including  to  the  rights  of  children.
                   in Geneva, aiming to promote the idea of an  And of course, it is we, the adults, who bear
                   additional protocol to the Convention on the  the  primary  responsibility  for  ensuring  that

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