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                                              FEBRUARY. 2021 | VOL. 14



                          T R A D E   N E W S ,   I N S I G H T   A N D   C O M M E N T   F R O M   T H E
                                  B E V E R A G E   S T A N D A R D S   A S S O C I A T I O N

               Why become a member?                                     OTHER STORIES INSIDE THIS

               Galvanised buying power and sales opportunities
               via our partnership with Zero Procure
               Networking opportunities
               Promote you and your business in the services            Trade News
               City & Guilds VRQ Barista Training when suitable         Focus on Hot Beverage
               Regional meetings or join our regular on-line            Equipment Solutions
               Discounted rates for training course                     Farrer's recognised in
               Use of BSA logo and accreditations                       National Awards
               Reduced rates for BSA affiliated and run Trade
               Shows                                                    Chinese Tea: Part 2
               BSA website access
               Free technical helpline                                  EVOCA, 80 Years of
            Take part & join in what your association is involved
            in and you will be part of a growing and vibrant            La Cimbali Complete S Series
            business which is working hard to develop and
            promote 'Raising Standards'.

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