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Virtual Workshops and Webinars

          • the impact of the revised laws on information sharing between          • Tips, Suggestions and Time Saving Exercises
            education and law enforcement under the Memorandum of                  • Search and Seizure
            Agreement;                                                             • Due Process – Releasing Staff Members from Their Positions
          • the potential for increased use of marijuana by school staff           • Student Safety
            members and the rights and obligations that may arise related          • Common Sense!
            to staff member use, including the potential considerations
            that come into play for various school employees, such as bus          • Document, Document, Document!
            drivers, nurses, teachers and administrators; and                      • It’s Always Been Done That Way, How Did I Know It Was Illegal!
          • key considerations for revising school district policies in light of
            the revised laws.
                                                                                     What’s New in School Law? Spring 2021
                                                                                 Apr. 15, 2021; Noon - 1:10 pm
              The Principal/AP/VP’s Survival Guide!                              Presenters: Michael Kaelber, Esq., LEGAL ONE Coordinator for
        Apr. 15, 2021; 9 am - 3 pm                                               Online Course Development & Rebecca Gold, Retired Director
        Presenters: Sandra L. Jacques, Esq., LEGAL ONE Supervisor                of Human Resources
        of Legal Research and Content Development; James J. Sarto                Fee: $40
        Ed.S., NJ Leaders to Leaders Program Coordinator                         Join LEGAL ONE staff attorneys in an information-packed webinar
        Fee: $100 Members/$125 Non-Members                                       discussing the most recent school law developments affecting
        Novice, experienced, and veteran principals and assistant                New Jersey’s public schools. Included will be a discussion of recent
        principals! How can we possibly remember everything? Time goes           legislative and regulatory enactments which impact school district
        by, students, staff, community, process, procedures, and most            operations as well as a case law update including decisions of
        importantly… educational law changes. This may be the PD you             the Commissioner of Education and the New Jersey and Federal
        have been waiting for as a refresher, as well as a primer on new         courts. Topics will include, but not be limited to, tenure and
        and emerging legal issues. Join us as we focus on basic “I Should        seniority, labor relations, increment withholding, HIB, student
        Already Know That” information, as well as:                              rights, school safety, OPMA and OPRA. This session is approved for
          • Virtual Instruction & COVID-19/Pandemic responses                    1.3 NJ Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits.
          • Racial discrimination/disparity issues
          • Daily school operations, duties, and responsibilities
          • Case studies on student accountability
          • Smoking v. Vaping v. Drug Policies
          • Contracts and Job Descriptions
          • Tenure and Bumping Rights
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