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                                                          Make a group consisting of two students
                                                          and make a simple conversation about
                                                          your daily activities!

                                                     Formative Test

                             Please fulfill the blank with the right verb!
                                 1.  She _____ her dog every day
                                    a.  To feed
                                    b.  Feed
                                    c.  Feeds
                                    d.  Feeding

                                 2.  Jake ____ at 9 PM
                                    a.  Sleep

                                    b.  To sleep
                                    c.  Sleeps

                                    d.  Taking sleep

                                 3.  I ____ always ____ to the dentist
                                    a.  Does not, go
                                    b.  Don’t, go

                                    c.  Don’t, went
                                    d.  Doesn’t, went
                                 4.  Do you ____ some help?
                                    a.  Needs
                                    b.  Need
                                    c.  Needing
                                    d.  To need
                                 5.  Does he ____ basketball?
                                    a.  To play
                                    b.  Playing
                                    c.  Plays
                                    d.  Play

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