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Watch this video!

               By watching the video above, you will easily remember the to-be. Please watch it carefully to
               answer the question at the end of the material.

                                                           If you see a sentence with “My sister/my
                                                           brother/my father...” the verb should
                           ADDITIONAL                      depend on the word after “my” If it is
                          INFORMATION                      one of the above, the verb should be
                                                           added the s/es/ies

                     5.  Discussion

                                                 LET’S DISCUSS

                            My family and I love pets. We have some pets at home, namely five

                            fish, one dog, and two cats. Nathan loves cats but I love dogs. Our
                                      cats and dog are like friends. They never fight.

                          From the text above, answers the following question:
                              1.  What kind of pets that the writer has?
                              2.  Does Nathan love cats?
                          Please discuss this with your friends!

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