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In table 1, it is described the formula of Verbal Simple Present Tense. And there are three
               conditions, the formula is Subject + V1 (+s/es/ies) + Object.
               conditions of the sentence, namely, positive, negative, and interrogative. In the positive

                                                          You have discussed the kind of Verb 1. In the
                                                          form of Simple Present Tense, it is required to
                                                          use s/es/ies at the end of the word. But it depends
                                                          on the person if it is plural or singular. To know
                                                          more about the s/es form, take a look at this

                                                          If you want to explain something else in plural or
                                                          singular, you need to remember the terms of

                        Image 4. Verb with s/es

               In the simple present tense, time adverbs consist of every morning, every day, every week,
               every month, every year, and so on. Adverbs of frequency include always, ever, never, rarely,
               frequently, sometimes, generally, and others.

                                                    Watch the video!

               After watching the video, you will know how to spell the verb with s/es/ies. Now, try to spell
               it as taught in the video.

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