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Simple present tense is used to explain
                                                            something common, something else that
                                                            happens repeatedly, or a general truth. Take a
                                                            look at the picture aside! A girl is sweeping the
                                                            floor. We can say that all people in the world
                                                            are sweeping the floor repeatedly. In other
                                                            words, we use Simple Present Tense to explain
                                                            something else that is habitual.
                                                            There are several ways to recognize that a
                                                            sentence is in the simple present tense, one of
                                                            which is that the sentence uses the basic form
                                                            of the verb (Verb 1). The simple present tense
                                                            is split into two sentence patterns: verbal
                                                            simple present and nominal simple present.
                     Image 3. A girl sweeping

                                                         Do you still remember what kind of Verb 1
                         LET’S THINK!                    is? Now discuss with your friends and
                                                         mention the kind of verb 1!

                     2. FORMULA

                                                Take a look at this table!

                               Condition                             Formula

                              Affirmative                   Subject+V1(+s/es)+Object

                                Negative                Subject+ Do/Does+Not+V1+Object

                              Interrogative                  Do/Does+Subject+V1+?

                                      Table 1. The Formula of Verbal Simple Present Tense

                                                                        EBOOK SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE     3
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