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The Man in the Forest

          One  night  when  the  full  moon  was  illuminating

          everything in the night, my cousins Jaden, Jamal
          and I decided to go to the forest in Mt Plaisir.  We

          were going to hunt for manicou or possum, as it’s

          known  in  some  countries.    We  had  planned  to

          make a ‘cook’ of our national dish, ‘oil-down’, and

          knew that the sweet, succulent flesh of the mani-
          cou  would  give  our  oil-down  that    delicious,

          Grenadian flavour.

          We left our village in Old Road and made our way

          up the steep Mt Plaisir road to the forest.  The tall
          trees  that  lined  the  road  swayed  in  the  gentle

          breeze  and  the  guard  dogs  outside  of  the  unlit

          houses  barked  at  us  ferociously  as  we  trudged

          along.  We had all the equipment we needed to

          hunt for our manicous.  I had a ‘bang’, which is a
          long,  thin  bamboo  with  a  sharpened  piece  of

          steel  tied  to  the  end,  and  was  used  to  stick  the

          manicou.  My cousins each had a pellet gun, and

          we  all  had  a  cutlass,  and  a  ‘fine’  bag  (an  empty

          potato bag).

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