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The Man in the Forest

          As we neared the forest, my cousin Jamal, who we

          nicknamed  ‘Scatter’    because  when  he  was  little
          he  fell  and  hit  his  mouth  and  most  of  his  front

          teeth  came  out  and  scattered  on  the  ground,

          started telling us about a story he said he heard

          from the people in the village.

          “There’s this old man who lives in the forest and

          practises  witchcraft”,  he  said.  “If  you  enter  a

          certain  part  of  the  forest  he  abducts  you  and

          you’ll never be seen again.  Some people say he

          makes human sacrifices to the devil!”

          “Boy, stop talking stupidness!” I shouted.

          “Scatter,  I  know  you  trying  to  frighten  us,  but  it

          nah working!” Jaden said.

          “Well, you might not believe me, but they say that

          over  the  years  a  few  people  who  went  into  the

          forest never returned”, Scatter continued.

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