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The Man in the Forest

         We  started  running  back  and  saw  that  Scatter’s

         foot was stuck in a big crab hole and judging from
         how  he  was  screaming  in  pain,  it  was  probably

         fractured or broken. The man was right over him

         and  in the  moonlight we could see  that  his  face

         was  wizened  and  pale  with  a  huge  bulbous,

         bumpy nose and blood shot eyes.

         “What are you doing here?” he asked.  His voices

         creaked like dry branches.

         He had his cutlass at his side and I thought that

         he was surely going to slaughter Scatter.  He lifted

         his cutlass and we all screamed out, “No!”  Scatter
         was screaming hysterically at this point.

         The  man’s  cutlass  came  down  and  I  closed  my

         eyes  because  I  knew  Scatter  was  dead.  All  of  a

         sudden,  I  heard  digging.  I  opened  my  eyes  and

         saw that instead of chopping Scatter to bits, the
         man was actually digging around the crab hole to

         get his foot free.

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