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The Man in the Forest

         The  light  shone  on  two  large  manicous  and  their
         eyes illuminated from the light.  I immediately lifted

         my  hand  and  aimed  my  bang  directly  at  the


         No sooner had I done so, than I noticed something
         from the corner of my eyes. What appeared to be a

         man, as tall as a bamboo, was quickly approaching

         us with a cutlass in his hand.  Well, I didn’t wait for

         him to get any closer.  I dropped my bang and ran

         like  the  wind  –  I’m  sure  I  ran  faster  than  Kirani

         James!  My cousins saw him too and did the same.
         We were all screaming at the top of our lungs while

         running in no particular direction – we just wanted

         to  get  away.    It  was  then  I  heard  my  cousin

         shouting for help.

         “Shandy, Jaden, help me!” he screamed.

         We  immediately  stopped  and  turned  back.

         Although we were frightened, there was no way we

         were going to leave our cousin back there.

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