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The Man in the Forest

         “Who are you?” I asked, bewildered.

         “My name is Javid  Washington,  I  came  to  live in

         the forest when I lost my job and could no long

         afford to pay my bills”, he said.  “I lost my house,

         my car; I could no longer afford to take care of my

         family, so my wife divorced me and took our three
         children.  None of my relatives wanted to take me

         in,  so  I  came  into  the  forest  to  live”,  he  further


         “So all the things people have been saying about
         you are not true?” I asked.

         “Of  course  not,  people  always  like  to  make  up

         stories  about  other  people.    Whenever  they  see

         me in the forest, they just run off and go and tell
         all sorts of stories”, he chuckled.

         Mr. Washington carried Scatter all the way home

         on his back.  We couldn’t believe he was willing to

         do that.

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