Page 9 - The Man in the Forest
P. 9

The Man in the Forest

         I  could  not  believe  my  eyes  –  he  was  actually

         helping him!

         “Come and help, you stupid boys!” he demanded.

         Jaden  and  I  looked  at  each  other  puzzled  and

         walked slowly towards the man.

         “Don’t  be  frightened”,  he  said,  “I  won’t  hurt  you.”

         We  helped  him  pull  Scatter’s  foot  from  the  hole.

         His leg was fractured so he couldn’t walk.

         The  man  lifted  him,  put  him  on  his  back  and
         started  ‘piggybacking’  him  out  of  the  forest.

         We just followed him.

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