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                                                                     Yourself AND

                                                                     Make Your

                                                                     Dreams Come


                                                                     By Adam Kipnes

                 very year you set new goals. You get a smile   better business, losing weight, getting in shape – it all
                 on your face when you think about them. You   comes down to understanding you, what you really
        Ehave a wave of excitement. It could be making  want and the why behind it.
        more money, growing your business, buying a new        Follow the steps I am about to outline, and you
        home or car, or losing your Covid 15. But you are not   will be in the right place to make all of those other
        getting what you want. You are spinning your wheels.   investments bear fruit.
        And now every day you say, tomorrow is the day…and
        then another tomorrow…and another.                     1.   Create Your Story – What is it you really want?
                                                                   I mean, really want. It’s easy to say you want to
                                                                   make $100k or a million dollars or lose 20 lbs.
        You are not alone. You, and most of the people you         Those are just numbers. Why do you want those
        know, are in the same boat. You have bought courses.       things? Make them real. Take the time to write out
        You have people’s systems. You have ‘invested in           your personal story. Don’t sugar coat it. Get super
        yourself.’ I have done all of it, too.                     clear on it. Write down every last detail and you will
                                                                   see that story as your future reality.

        Through my personal journey, I have had ups and        2.  Utilize Your Strengths – What are you good at?
        downs and finally learned where success really comes       Are you good at talking to people, writing, speaking,
        from. I have created multiple six figures in income,       technology, following steps, flying by the seat of
        tripled the net worth of my family, and helped 22          your pants…? When you spend your time doing
        clients cross $1 million or more in revenue, 4 grow        the things you are good at, you will be happier and
        from under 6 figures to over 7 figures, and helped more    have more success than you have ever dreamed.
        than 30 people 2X, 3X, 4X and more their businesses.   3.  Supplement Your Weaknesses – Human behavior
        It works.                                                  is an interesting thing. You tend to make things
                                                                   hard on yourself. In doing so, you spend the
                                                                   majority of your time doing things you do not like
        It is not about the programs, they work. It is not         or are bad at. Sometimes both. Let’s not worry
        about the systems, systems are critical. It is also        about why and just admit that you do it. Take a few
        not just about investing in yourself – this will pay       minutes and write down the things you don’t like
        huge dividends down the road. The place to start is        doing or suck at. And then understand that there
        Understanding Yourself. If you want more money, a          is someone better, faster, and cheaper that can get

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