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the job done. It can be hiring someone (so you can    Born and raised in the Midwest to the pages of
            make more money), partnering or joint venturing, Adam Kipnes has come a long way!
            or getting a new technology program. Supplement
            that weakness with a better option and make Your     Adam Kipnes is recognized as a top marketing
            Story come true.                                     strategist and business breakthrough specialist
        4.  Tailor Your Expectations – I am alone in this next   who can show ANY business owner… in less than
            step, but it has proven to be a huge key to success   45 minutes… how to triple their current number of
            for myself and my clients, and it will for you, too.   leads, double their sales and increase their annual
            When I say I am alone, I mean that the goal setting   revenue by $30 to $50 thousand dollars or more
            world is a $10 billion+ industry. There are books    and WITHOUT spending a cent on marketing or
            and trainings and seminars and courses all about     advertising.
            goal setting. But I want you to think about it this
            way. You set goals for yourself, and they rarely
            come true, as is the case for 97+% of the world.     Adam is the go-to coach and advisor for many
            So much for the goal setting industry. And think     independent professionals including accountants,
            about these questions. Do you have a goal that       realtors, real estate investors, attorneys and
            your employees show up for work? No, you expect      medical practitioners, 22 of whom have crossed $1
            it. Do you have a goal that your clients will pay their   million in annual revenue. Four of Adam’s clients
            invoices? No, you expect it. At a basic level, when   have grown from under $100,000 to over $1
            you flip on a light switch, do you have a goal that   million under his guidance.
            the light turns on? No, you expect it. So why do you
            expect everything else in your life but set goals for   Adam’s is regularly featured on CSuite Radio
            yourself? Expect your success and what you want      and and his system has been seen on
            instead of just dreaming about it.                   NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX. He is also the creator
        5.  Optimize Your Environment – Have you set up          of the new Podcast, The Entrepreneur’s MBA and
            your world to be successful? Are you spending        the author of “How to Make More Money in Your
            your time and things that are not getting you        Business” and “1495: It’s All About the Decimal.”
            results? And I am not talking about watching TV or
            playing Candy Crush. We will save that for another   Giving back and serving is an important part
            article. I am talking about the ‘work’ you do that   of Adam’s life and he serves as the Chair of the
            does not serve you or your clients. I am talking     Community Leadership Board for the American
            out the busy tasks that you use to procrastinate.
            I am talking about the ‘stuff’ you have on your      Diabetes Association that raises over $800,000
            desk, on your to-do list, the events where you are   annually for diabetes.
            just exchanging business cards. Look around you
            and throw out the junk. Look at your calendar and    Adam Kipnes
            cancel the meetings that do serve you. Set up your
            environment to do only the things that are best for
            your success.                                        602-806-1480

        Once you have understood and implemented the
        above five steps, you will understand yourself and
        know your story, spend your time on your strengths,
        get your weaknesses covered, expect the success you
        desire, do it in an environment that serves you and
        your dreams will come true.

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