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don’t see what it’s truly costing you.                 Here is the best part. This bank owned and controlled
        This traditional way of moving money made you give     by you is 100% real. Walt Disney used it to help fund
        up your $20,000 to someone else. The potential for     the creation of Disneyland. Ray Kroc used it to pay
        that money to grow and work hard for you is gone       for the genius marketing tactic that became Ronald
        forever. You and your family can no longer benefit from   McDonald. I used it to pay off $984,711 in third party
        that money because you didn’t know about the one       debt in just 39 months! The point is, it’s a powerful tool
        simple change you should have made before writing      that’s been around for a very long time and has helped
        that check to the car dealership that would have put   many people to take back control of their lives and
        you in control of your money.                          achieve financial independence.

        Now, let’s add in that one step and see what it does for
        us.                                                    This isn’t a product. It isn’t a service. It is a process.
        Again, we’ll use the example of a $20,000 car          And the process begins with a specially designed and
        purchase. But this time, let’s put it into a bank that   engineered whole life policy with a mutually owned
        allows us to earn 4% compound interest on that         insurance company that pays dividends. That sounds
        $20,000 we have. At this bank, they do not give you    like a mouthful, but the important thing to note is that
        your money. They lend you their money at 6% simple     it’s the only tool of its kind that puts you in control of
        interest. We want your money to stay inside your bank   your money, while still enabling you to continue using
        earning 4% uninterrupted compound interest. You        your money to pay for purchases and expenses you’re
        take that $20,000 that was loaned to you and use it to   already making. If you can do all that without working
        purchase the car just the same as you did before. You   any harder, longer hours, taking on more risk, or losing
        drive away with the car and the car dealership gets    control of your finances, wouldn’t you say it’s worth a
        paid in full.                                          closer look?

        Now, if you’re like most people, you’re thinking there
        are two things wrong with this scenario.               Allow The Money Multiplier Method to put you back in

        Number 1, you’re thinking “there are no banks or       control. Become your own bank today.
        bank accounts that earn you 4% on your money.” And
        number 2, “if I’m being charged 6% and only earning      My name is Brent Kesler and I learned of this
        4%, then I’m losing 2%.”
                                                                 concept when I was $984,711 in third party debt.
                                                                 By implementing The Money Multiplier Method,
        These are great points, but here is why this logic is not   I was about to pay it off in 39 months. I became
        correct. Traditional bank accounts do not earn you 4%.   so passionate about this, I started teaching others
        But what if there was a way (and there is) to have a     how they can break the bonds of financial slavery
        bank you control that earns you 4% on your money?        they don’t even realize they are in.

        And yes 6-4=2, but it is not that simple in this scenario.   You can learn more at www.themoneymultiplier.
        You are not losing 2% interest. The 6% interest being    com  Click on the Resources Tab and watch my
        charged is simple interest on a decreasing balance       presentation to see exactly how I paid off that debt
        you are paying back to the loan. The 4% you’re earning   and continue to be in control of my hard earned
        is uninterrupted compound interest on an increasing      dollars.
        balance because you’re continuing to deposit more
        money over time. If you do the math with that in mind,                     Brent Kesler
        you will actually make money all day long by paying 6%
        and earning 4%.                                                          (785) 248-9637

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