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children!                                              in your company, such as hiring a Business Profit Tax
        Yes, I said it. The “C” word. Children. But what I meant   Coach like myself.
        to say was, “Company.”                                 In short, I promise my clients that when they step
        As an entrepreneur, you are the parent of a wonderful   into the light of who they are, powerful CEOs, nothing
        child. You decided long ago what you were going to     can stop them. Together, I guide them through the
        name it. You dreamed day and night about having        darkness of taxation, uncover legal loopholes, unlock
        the freedom to drink martinis and relax by the beach,   advanced tax savings strategies, and reveal missed
        asking the “garcon” to bring you the next drink. You   opportunities never to repeat the same mistakes twice.
        might have even dreamed of the gender or the colors.   When my clients and I work together, they feel
        In the end, you knew you’d give birth to the company   confident to make the right decisions in their business
        of your dreams.                                        to produce profits. They are no longer afraid of making

        Uncle Sam understands that your company loves to       money because they finally understand that Uncle
        eat. “Feed me!” it shouts every exhausting day. “Feed   Sam wants their company to be successful and to
        me more, Daddy”, “Feed me more Mommy”, “Please         continue to make profits.
        feed me”, it presses on.                               As I always tell my clients and viewers on my YouTube
        It loves to eat MONEY, also known as revenue. It also   show Naked Tax Talk, “Remember why became an
        loves to poop a lot, which we call poop expenses.      entrepreneur—to make mucho, mucho, dinero.”
        However, I want to share a tip with you.

        In the world of being a powerful CEO, the word           Jonathan Bengel is an IRS Enrolled Agent.
        “expense” does not really exist. The word we use         Federally Authorized to represent taxpayers before
        instead is the word “investment.”                        the Internal Revenue Service. However, he is
        Why an investment and not an expense?                    known as the Business Profit Tax Coach & Teacher
                                                                 Extraordinaire, speaker, author, and entrepreneur.
        Because an expense is something you WASTE your           For over 18 years, he has guided established
        money on and serves no purpose for your business
        to grow. But an investment? It’s about spending          women, and a few good men, entrepreneurs
        your money in the right places that contribute to the    through the darkness of taxation, and shines
        following:                                               the light to financial happiness. He is the host of
                                                                 his own YouTube channel, Naked Tax Talk raw,
        1.     Your profits
                                                                 where he and his guests come together to openly
        2.     Your company’s development                        talk about their personal lives, business lives, and

        3.     Your company’s growth                             money. In 2020, he wrote his first #1 Best Amazon
        Uncle Sam understands this principle as well. He         Selling book, nationally and internationally, “The
        understands that a company does not have an              ABC’s of Deductions: An Entrepreneurs Guide to
        expense, and an IRS Enrolled Agent often does not        Tax WriteOffs.”
        say “expenses”, but instead uses the word “deduction”
        because deductions are not expenses, and expenses        He is the President and founder of JB Financial
        are not deductions.                                      LLC, and Tax Tiger Consulting, Inc; which is
        Remember, an expense is something that you WASTE         responsible for his premier online course Rapid
        your money on, but a deduction reduces your taxable      Tax Savings Formula, a 5-week program designed
        income downward.                                         to take entrepreneurs through the five pillars of
        Why?                                                     profits. As Jonathan says, “Let’s remember why
                                                                 we went into business, it’s all about mucho mucho
        Because Uncle Sam says that all funds flowing into
        your business is income first, unless you are entitled   dinero.”
        to deduct from that income the investment you made

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