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Be Aligned and

                                                     Primed For Business


                                                     (Alignment, Direction, and

                                                     Momentum = Success)

                                                     By Keith Weaver

                 unning a successful business is often         Think of it like a high-end sports car. The reason
                 a struggle. We hear all the time about        it performs so well is that, despite having a lot of
        Rcompanies going out of business. Even                 different parts that all run separately, each part works
        seemingly successful businesses will have a couple of   together as a whole to achieve the final goal – power,
        good years only to be gone a couple of years later.    speed, performance, smooth ride, and exhilaration.
        So, what is it that makes a business truly successful?   If any one of those parts is misaligned or not
        Well, in my mind, every business owner should want     functioning right, the entire car suffers and the driver
        their business to run smoothly without them, while     would not get the joy the precision machine could
        providing them a good profit, and to be an asset that   offer. Making sure that the whole stays aligned and
        they can someday sell or pass on when they are ready.   running smoothly is the only way to guarantee that you
        As I work with businesses throughout the country,      are getting the most from the potential of the sports
        I find that two common things are missing in many      car, and that you are going to get where you want to go
        businesses that are not running smoothly: Alignment    and in the style you desire.
        and Momentum                                           A business is the same.  With everything aligned to
        What is Alignment in Business?                         the same goal, it is easy to get all your businesses
        Aligning your business means that you have specific,   resources working together to move forward together
        focused, outlined purposes that are clear and aligned   toward achieving your ultimate goals. This is not a
        throughout all the parts of your company. Many         single event. This is an ongoing process, a mindset,
        businesses struggle with not having true alignment     and a way of doing business.
        through all aspects of their business: customer desires  What is Momentum in Business?
        – marketing – sales – operations – employees –         Just like in many other aspects of life, the law of inertia
        leadership – reporting – and outcomes.                 applies to business.  If you aren’t moving, you can’t
        For example, one client had misalignment when the      keep moving.  But if you are moving, you will keep
        sales team was promising things that were not in the   moving.  In other words, Inaction promotes Inaction;
        system or even in the works, while the company was     Action promotes Action.
        focused on improving the services in a totally different   However, many business owners have one, or both, of
        area and way. Likewise, there was misalignment         two problems.
        with the marketing team, which was not focused on
        marketing the improvements that were in the works      First, many business owners are too busy managing
        and showcasing the innovation on the company.          the day-to-day and putting out fires to actually work
                                                               on improving the business and keeping it ahead of the

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