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Branding - The

                                                   Message is in the Mark

                                                    By Danielle Foti

        “B for baseball!” Becca cried happily, pointing at     audience to speak to.
        my stainless steel water bottle. Becca, a 5-year old   Graphic design is about discovering the best way to
        student at the nursery school I was working at that    get our message across to the right audience. And to
        summer, ran away giggling as I nervously tucked away   do it quickly.
        the water bottle in question. My discomfort stemmed
        from the fact that the sticker Becca had taken note    The fact is, very few members of our audience are
        of was for Brooklyn Brewery. Not the most age-         looking for our brand. Today, it is often a struggle to
        appropriate content for me to be parading at my job, I   get our brand in front of those we want to reach - to
        know.                                                  grab their attention amid the advertisements, the
                                                               pictures, and the visual noise.
        That sunny afternoon, I regarded the logo closer and
        noticed that Becca was onto something. The “B”         I specialize in sifting through the noise to carve out a
        was rather reminiscent of baseball, with its looping   visual identity that speaks to its audience. Will an event
        curves and embroidery-like circle encompassing it.     about gardening be best communicated through an
        I researched this curious coincidence on my lunch      illustration of vegetation, or a photograph of people
        break and learned that it was in fact, no coincidence.   gardening together? Should a high-end lifestyle brand
        The Brooklyn Brewery “B” was designed by Milton        use delicate or bold fonts - or both?
        Glazer (you may recognize his work each time you       Infinite are the ways we can create something new.
        see the “I HEART NY” logo). It turns out that the      Design is the science of making our creation function
        family who owns the brewery had requested that         as efficiently as possible. I wholeheartedly believe that
        their logo echo a baseball emblem, as the sport had    a consistent and fitting brand can elevate the success
        an important history in their lives. The resulting mark   of anything. The joy is in revealing that brand and
        was so successful that even little Becca picked up     leaving with something that has the potential to thrive
        on the baseball undertones (rather than the alcoholic   for lifetimes.
        undertones, to my fortune).
        Think about that. How astounding is it that a            Danielle has a BFA in Graphic Design. She works
        designer can take an idea (“baseball”) and apply it      with small businesses and entrepreneurs, getting to
        to a completely unrelated product (“craft beer”) so
        masterfully that even a young child, with such a small   know each idea and why it is different from all the
        repertoire of images in her memory, can recognize that   rest. She lives to learn, and is never more thrilled
        idea?                                                    when she can dive into the businesses of friends
                                                                 and partners and discov¬er something new about
        This notion of using an existing style to communicate    the world. Danielle is currently based in New York,
        an idea is a fundamental concept of branding. Design
        has a rich history that we can call upon to get our      and can make excellent cheesecake.
        ideas across succinctly, to people who are unfamiliar
        with our brand, services, or products. While there is
        no need to reinvent the wheel, we have the option to
        create something new, a style that has never been
        seen before. Each project is unique and has a unique
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