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Building Financial Literacy

                                                                  by Dr. Joe Blake

        In Being                                               Seed Time & Harvest

                                                                    am not a farmer, but the principle of cultivating
                                                                    remains the same. When you are planting seeds at the
         Consistently Constant                                 I beginning of a season, in hopes of receiving a bountiful
                                                               harvest during the reaping season. One must plan with your
                                                               ‘Four Windows of Success’ in mind to cover adjustment
         There are certain soft investor skills which can      over time. This would include funds to cover shortfalls and
         make one’s resiliency during times of uncertainty a   windfalls in stock sessions during a market year.
         certainty.  Consistently is always the same in a way
         that does not change and continues for a period of    Take a 3D approach to conquer the adjustable nature of
         time. There is no deviation from the high quality of   the economy. In the figure above the Dow Jones (1 of 29
         work your efforts produce. Constant happens all the   Indices), on Jun 5, 1981 reached 993.79 points. However,
         time or repeatedly and does not change.  The effort   on June 3, 2021, the Dow Jones topped out 34,577.04 a
         is to remain fairly the same across time until a goal   3,379.31% increase! Some might ask, “Dr. Joe, what does
         is reached.   (“Oxford Learners Dictionary”, n.d.)    that mean?”  Money, on-top-of money was made…were you
                                                               a part of it?
         Patiently Persistent                                  Wealth is not created in a 1-day, 1-month, or 10-years.

                                                               The creation of wealth is systematically accumulated over
         This is a key Leadership Chevron (Brody, 2018).  In   time IN the market not from timing the market. Once we
         being ‘patiently’ one is able to able to wait for a long   understand the need to stay consistent with plan, constant
         time. Accept annoyances in market behaviors or        with the course, patiently endure the journey, and persistent
         difficulties without becoming angry or dismayed.      with faith. Success is inevitable!
         Persistent is a determination to accomplish
         something despite setbacks, obstacles, and              Dr. Blake is a two-time Best-Selling Author of Joseph,
         hinderances. Especially when others are against         Building Financial Literacy, and a Contributing Author
         you and think that you are being and an annoyance       with The Art of Connection! Currently, an Investment
         or unreasonable. You won’t take no for an answer        Advisor with over 27 years of experience, retired as a
         and you’re a persistent offender of personal            Federal Financial Specialist, and a three-time Medal
         achievement. Especially when you want something.        Awardee of the USAF. Join us on our weekly webinars,
         All because your financial future is at stake! (“Oxford   Saturdays @ 11am AZ time: On-Point Broadcast!
         Learners Dictionary”, n.d.).

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