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pack. The idea of improvement and working ON the       is, the only way to maximize your results and your
        business is not even a thought in their head. In this   business’s potential is to bring the two together.  Once
        case, they are acting, but is not in the direction of the   your goals are aligned with your business’s strategy
        business growth goals. Instead of moving forward,      and processes, then your actions and thus momentum
        they are moving in circles.                            can be directed specifically toward improving and
        The second option is that they get stuck in the endless   achieving your goals.
        cycle of “what if…”’ and planning out the future,      Coming back to the sports car analogy, again, with
        without making any movements to reach that future.     everything functioning correctly and aligned in the
        Unfortunately, no amount of planning can make up       engine, then the car just needs to be started, put in
        for the lack of action. Winston Churchill put this issue   drive, and directed toward the destination. And just like
        simply: “I never worry about action, but only inaction.”   driving, 95% of our time should be looking forward, 5%
        Tony Blair said the same thing but added the warning:   looking back, and very little looking down. With this,
        “Whatever the dangers of the action we take, the       working together it is a lot easier to keep the end goal
        dangers of inaction are far, far greater.” Going back   in sight and to achieve more of your potential faster.
        to the sports car, a car may not always be heading in
        the right direction, but it definitely isn’t going to get
        anywhere if it remains parked.                           Keith Weaver has spent his career helping
                                                                 individuals & teams improve. As well as having
        One example of how important forward momentum
        can be in business is my coaching client, Jeff.  Jeff    practiced as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and
        was reluctant to make improvements in his business       Attorney, he has owned 8 businesses, and been an
        because he saw it as 1) time consuming, 2) something     adjunct professor at several universities. In the
        employees would resist, and 3) doubtful that any one     corporate world, he has served as a CEO, COO,
        change would make a big difference.                      CFO, and Training Director among other roles.
        After overcoming his objections, we made some
        rather small changes in the bidding and accounting       Having owned 8 businesses, he knows first-
        practices. The results: ‘it was a small sacrifice for a   hand the struggles that small business owners
        big payoff,’ as Jeff put it, since their profit margins   go through every day. He works with clients
        went up and the employees got on board. But the          through startup challenges, pivots, strategic
        best part is that the culture of the company moved to    implementation, improvements, mindset struggles,
        one of momentum and improvement. The employees           and culture building to maximize a business’s
        were not scared of change anymore; they started          potential and outcomes.
        bringing improvement ideas to Jeff, stimulating and
        perpetuating the momentum. All these great results       He has a passion for helping his clients be
        after relatively small changes.                          successful leaders, committed to continuous

        For your business to continue moving forward toward      improvement, be more of who they really are and
        your goals, you need to start taking steps now.          want to be, dream bigger dreams, and accomplish
        Every little (or big) step forward to improving and      more than they realized was possible.
        approximating goals adds to the overall momentum of
        your business’s potential and future success.
                                                                              To contact him go to:
                                                           , or
        Alignment + Direction + Momentum = Greater                             Call 801-610-9313.
        Business Success
        Ultimately, though, as important as aligning your
        business strategies and processes is, and as
        important as keeping the momentum of your business

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