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What The



                                                                     About Money

                                                                     That Most People


                                                                      By Brent Kesler

             t’s no secret that the wealthy do things a bit    situations, our bank accounts, and our paychecks get
             differently than everyone else. The part that can   to decide. We think eventually we will catch a break,
        Ibe difficult to comprehend is exactly how they put  get a raise, or win the lottery then our problems will be
        their money to work. Many people think, “they must     over.
        be smarter than me,” “they were born into money,” or
        “I just didn’t get lucky like they did.” Those things may
        look like advantages for the wealthy, but by no means   But the reason we never break free from the chains of
        are they prerequisites to becoming wealthy. Anyone     financial slavery isn’t because we aren’t smart enough
        can be wealthy if they know the truth about money and   or because we weren’t born into a wealthy family. It’s
        how it works.                                          because we haven’t been shown the right way and the
                                                               right tools to use to achieve financial independence.
        Money is simple. Much simpler than society leads       This secret that the wealthy know, and we do not, is
        us to believe. We were all born into a world where     simple. We must first begin by getting in control of our
        our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents      money to break free of the chains of financial slavery
        told us stories about how hard they worked for their   we are in to become truly wealthy. And we do this by
        money. Some of them worked several jobs, never saw     changing one simple thing: where our money goes
        their families, and were forced to make choices and    first.
        decisions out of necessity. But in my opinion, that’s not   Think about your normal spending habits. Say you
        a choice at all.                                       want to purchase a new car for $20,000. Assume
                                                               you have that exact amount of money in your bank
        We live in America the great. Land of freedom and      account. You write a check for $20,000 which puts
        opportunities where everyone has the right to decide   your balance to $0. You now have the car, paid the
        what they do with their lives. Society’s illusion is that   dealership in full, and you both walk away happy. But
        we do get to decide. But the reality is that our financial   you’re only happy with this transaction because you

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