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calendar, he would have still been discontent. Once    who are willing to look beyond the obvious, people who
        we determined the correct answer for Ken, everything   speak to be understood and listen to learn, people who
        started lining up.                                     can see the bigger picture and clarify their true goals-
                                                               and then take action to reach them. Connect with me
        Lesson Two – Seek to understand, not to                at so we can discuss how
                                                               you too can solve your big mysteries, create boundless
        respond. I knew I had not taken Barbie’s earring,      possibilities, and live a joyful life.
        but in that moment if I had tried to defend myself, it
        most likely would have caused an argument. It was
        more important for me to understand that Carla was       Diana is the founder of DLH Financial and Living
        upset about the missing earring and understand what      Your Greatness Coaching where she empowers her
        happened                                                 clients to find and to utilize their gifts so they can
        This isn’t just true for nine and ten-year-olds. Most    live and work their abundance in all areas of their
        people of all ages just want to know that you’ve truly   lives. This is accomplished with years of experience
        heard them. And when you listen without interrupting,    developing tools customized to the client’s dreams
        defending, or prematurely trying to solve a problem,     and goals and their perspective of those dreams
        you often hear the deeper message beneath the            and goals. She also hosts a Daring Greatly Power
        words. Just like when I asked Ken why he wanted to       Hour workshop once a month where she covers
        be more organized and what would he do if he could       topics to enhance personal growth and leadership.
        accomplish more with his time, and I listened. He told
        me about his desire to spend more quality time with
        his family and about using his talents for his passion   She is a best-selling contributing author in the
        every day.  By seeking to understand, I discovered that   collaborate books Goodness Abounds and 365
        his true goal was not about getting more organized but   Soulful Messages sold on Amazon. She is currently
        about starting a business with his daughter and using    writing her solo book, Unhook Yourself; Releasing
        their talents collaboratively.                           the stories that hold you back from Greatness to be
                                                                 released November 2, 2021.

        Lesson Three – See the bigger picture. Because
        Carla was so focused on me, she did not see the          Contact Info:
        earring on the step when she walked by it. But the
        process of retracing her steps opened up the window
        of other possibilities and helped solve the case.
        When we are in the middle of a storm, we may think       11427 Reed Hartman Hwy #208
        it’s all consuming but if we step back, we can often     Cincinnati, OH 45241
        see that it’s not as bad as it seems. This big-picture
        perspective can also provide clarity about our goals     Facebook page – Diana L Hooker – Living Your
        and how to reach them. For instance, when Ken            Greatness
        stepped back and looked at the big picture of what       LinkedIn – Diana Hooker
        he truly wanted, we were able to see the best route
        for him to take– one that he hadn’t considered when
        he’d been focused solely on his messy desk and
        unproductive workdays.

        In my businesses, I no longer look for missing earrings,
        but still use the lessons I learned from that experience
        and I love working with people who are ready to
        engage in this approach to problem solving: people

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