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Uncle Sam

                                                                     Really Does Want

                                                                     Your Business

                                                                     To Keep Your


                                                                     by Jonathan Bengel

                    hen I gave birth to my first child, JB     that unlock their soul to connect with them. We also
                    Financial L.L.C., I knew he was going to   learn to see our business separate from who we are,
        Wgrow up to be the best child a dad could              and as well as discussing the difference between an
        ever ask for. Thanks to my Bachelor’s in Business      S Corporation and an LLC and, when to become an S
        Accounting, I knew from the beginning that if I took   Corp. In addition, we discuss the best deductions they
        care of my business, it would grow up to take care of   can take in their companies; and finally, we have an
        me. I understood clearly how the IRS wants us to tend   honest conversation about documentation. You must
        to our business needs, and as a result, he lets us write   prove anything to Uncle Sam at all times so that you
        off those deductions, thereby lowering my taxable      protect your hard-earned money.
        income downward.                                       I have a few questions I’d like to ask you.

        In essence, I get to invest in my business, and along   •   Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?
        the way, it takes care of me.                          •   Was it because you wanted the freedom to set

        I realized that most entrepreneurs do not believe they     your hours?
        deserve to profit because they fear the IRS will take   •   Or the belief that you can make more money on
        away their money through taxes. Many entrepreneurs         your own?
        believe that they and their businesses are intertwined.   •   Was it because it gave you the freedom to decide
        Some believe that an S Corporation will offer them         when you wanted to work?
        legal protection, only to find out they never were a
        corporation, but instead a limited liability company.   •   Or maybe, it was because you wanted money and
                                                                   lots of money. It’s all about profits!
        Many small business owners leave a lot of deductions
        on the table that hurts their bottom line and takes
        away positive cash in the bank. That’s why I created   What if I told you that the IRS understands this very
        Rapid Tax Savings Formula, my five-week online         well. He knows that you started your own business
        course. I designed it to give women—and a few good     because you wanted to make more money and more
        men—the confidence to step into the light of who they   profits. Money drives him. He needs money to pay
        are, the powerful CEO they were born to be.            for education and healthcare for the super poor,
        In my program, I walk my students through my unique    like when I was a kid growing up in the ‘ghettos’ of
        PSEAD—Method™. We dive into powerful techniques        Albuquerque, NM. In essence, he needs to provide for
                                                               us as entrepreneurs because we are busy producing

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