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Meanwhile, one morning an auto-generated email  iNETrepreneur Magazine, which they consider a
        from a dating site that had long been forgotten        huge honor since their mentors Robert and Shawn
        popped into an alpha male’s inbox. Only instead        Jones are a Power Couple themselves! And if that
        of hitting delete, he mistakenly clicked it open and   isn’t exciting enough, Jeff and Donna’s vlog “The
        Donna’s face caught his eye.                           MEADOR AFFECT” is coming to television this

        On that same morning, Donna had been relishing
        a cup of coffee, catching up on emails, looking        Today this adorable COUPLEpreneur seems to be
        forward to a quiet uneventful day. Low and behold,  giving permission for those who have loved and
        this one guy had addressed every comment in            lost, to love again. Their formula for happiness-
        her bio, using up every allowable character ending  ever-after is being satisfied where they’re at,
        with asking for a date! She scurried to freshen        and eager for more as they continue this fun
        up her coffee and snuggle in on the couch for a        journey of growing their businesses and bantering
        good read. This guy was looking for marriage so        playfully on camera, and off.
        they weren’t on the same page, but maybe dinner
        would be okay.

        They were married exactly one year later.

                                                                 Donna: Women’s Empowerment Coach,
        As a widow Donna says, ‘Moving forward’ is not           Specializing in Women PRE-dating, Author of
        an easy concept when you lose your mate. For             DATING: It’s Not Personal, Creator of “Daily Dose
        a “wid,” ‘moving forward’ means ‘moving away             A Donna’’ and LegalShield Associate
        from’ so Donna suggests ‘continuing your journey’
        instead.                                                 Jeff: Father of three, Accomplished Singer/
                                                                 Songwriter, Best Selling Author, Philatelist, Former
                                                                 Youth Pastor and LegalShield Associate
        Women watched their courtship evolve on social
        media. “How did she find love twice in a row?”           Winners of The “2020 Forbes Riley’s Excelly Power
        They wanted their pickers fixed! Donna’s coaching        Couple of Excellence” Award and co-creators
        is unconventional and spends time discussing             of “THE MEADOR AFFECT” coming soon to
        lists, red flags, and why having a legal plan is         television!
        so helpful. Most need to update their wills, need
        counsel for child support, landlord/tenant or            After being denied a claim, then receiving over
        consumer issues.                                         $13,000 because a letter was written on her behalf,

                                                                 this COUPLEpreneur teamed up to educate people
        LegalShield saves time and money. Jeff works             about the benefits of LegalShield across the US and
        full time and helps his wife too, but it doesn’t         Canada.
        stop there. What started as Donna’s message,
        evolved when others dubbed them as a Power
        Couple. They have since received “Forbes Riley’s
        2020 Power Couple of Excellence Award,” and
        were the first couple to adorn the cover of the

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