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Starting Over:                                            n 2007, after years of trying to figure it out, she
                                                                   put her own dating formula into practice and
         A Second                                             Ithen met and married her “off the boat” Italian
                                                              husband. In 2014 she published, DATING: It’s Not
                                                              Personal to help other women understand how to
         Chance At Love                                       fix their pickers.

                                                              After he died in 2016 and she felt the time was
                                                              right, she walked that path openly via her vlog, Daily
                                                              Dose A Donna, reacquainting herself with what lay
         by Donna and Jeff Meador                             ahead. Unbeknownst to her, people were waiting to

                                                              see how she would navigate this often-unspoken
                                                              phase of grieving. “I wrote my book about dating
                                                              because I wanted women to understand their value
                                                              and enjoy dating regardless of the outcome. When
                                                              I was ready to date again, I re-read my own book
                                                              since I had such good results the last time.”

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